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Oracle CRM vs. — Collaborate 08 Session Recap

Oracle CRM vs. — Collaborate 08 Session Recap
I’d like to offer a quick recap of my Collaborate 08 presentation “Oracle CRM: It Really is Better than… When You Do it Right.” As I mentioned in my abstract, this session was directed at business users, and my aim was to provide them with a overview of the issues they need to understand to choose between Oracle CRM and

I began the session asking for a show of hands of everyone who was already used Hands shot up in about a third of the room. When I asked how many of them had integrated with Oracle, all of those hands went down, accept for one.

Therein lies the essential point of the session: If you’re a dedicated Oracle E-Business Suite user, you’ll find that it’s both better and, in the long term, probably less expensive, to go with one of Oracle CRM’s options. The rest of the presentation was spent explaining why this is true.

Thanks to everyone who came out to my session, and those of you who were unable to make it can click here to download my white paper. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next OAUG event. — Patrick Krause