Sneak Preview: Oracle ERP Localizations for China Webcast

On Thursday September 11th, 2014 we IT Convergence will host  our Overcoming the China Oracle ERP Localization Challenges at 8:00 am Pacific/11:00 am Eastern, and we’d like to offer you a sneak preview of the section on Business Management:

Oracle ERP China Localization general leder

●    Financial Management

Global General Ledger or Local General Ledger
Based on different business’ requirements, General Ledger might be controlled globally or managed locally. Different solutions are required to meet the requirements of different ways of general ledger managements.
Concepts of Primary Ledger / Report Ledger and Secondary Ledger are taken into account as well.
Organization Structure
Take the references of mother or brother companies in the world and build up the structure accordingly. Normally one Legal Entity is set up for all the companies in one country. But each company owns its own Legal Entity is also another choice.

●    Sourcing

Sourcing Method
Sourcing is one of the most import business / department in the company, so the way of sourcing is one of the most important parts in Oracle rollout project. Global sourcing or self-sourcing will lead separate Oracle solutions.

Supplier Management
How to verify suppliers, how to select suppliers, and how to manage suppliers are the significant factors to make the project success. Global supplier management is normally used by Foreign Owned Enterprises, all the suppliers must be verified before selecting them for dealing with. The approach of selecting suppliers maybe much more rely on Chinese culture, so understanding the culture will be more helpful to understand how to handle the relationship with suppliers.


US owned company in China has to follow the rules which US made. Export compliance must be taken into account, and also Chinese export/import rules must be followed as well.

●    IT Management

Shared same instance globally
Primary and Backup Database / Server is mostly located in two different areas in US / out of China.
Software/ System
Support team is required to take ownership of maintenance of Oracle system to ensure the smooth transactions of business. The team could be their specific employee or 3rd party consultants.
Upgrade of the version is required periodically based on the business requirement. It is nice to get but not must. Nonetheless, new features will only be available in new versions.

●    Planning

Planning is very import for a manufacturing company, it will help to utilize the capacity of production, maximize profit.

●    Customization

Oracle provides much more flexibility of inferior development. Customized report, form personalization, interface with third parties and other extensions are all supported by the project team.

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