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Rolling Out Oracle in Latin America Video

Rolling Out Oracle in Latin America Video
When global financial crisis hit in 2008, many companies looked abroad in search of better margins and more often than not, their sights settled on Latin America. Latin America is one of the few regions that sustained growth through the crisis and companies looking to expand internationally should consider venturing into this market.

Organizations interested in doing business in Latin America should count Oracle as an asset. The Oracle E-Business Suite provides a comprehensive solution that makes it possible to implement sound business strategies, unify information systems and streamline back office operations.

However, when implementing Oracle E-Business Suite in Latin America, companies will need to comply with a different set of rules and regulations. So, which countries does the Standard Oracle EBS Latin America Globalization Features Facilitator cover? Which need specific localizations? Which general economic features does it include?

To help you better understand the complexities of LATAM ERP implementations, IT Convergence has prepared this video on the advantages of using out-of-the-box Oracle Localizations to cover local legal and reporting requirements in Latin America.

VIDEO: Standard Oracle E-Business Suite Latin America Globalization Features Facilitator

IT Convergence is Latin America’s leading Oracle ERP solution provider with offices in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica; and over the past 10 years we have performed upgrades and rollouts throughout the region. For more information, visit our website and read about our Oracle consulting services for Spanish speaking Latin America  and Brazil , and/or click here to visit our white paper: “Rolling Out Oracle in Latin America-How to Meet The Challenge.” 

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