Oracle Mobile Apps Webcast: Your Questions Answered

Oracle Mobile Applications

Last week we had our webcast:

“Take Oracle E-Business Suite in Your Pocket – Mobile Apps Will Free You Up!”

and we had more questions in the Q&A session that we could answer live. Today we’re bringing you a transcript and some bonus questions.

Can we use or create Mobile Apps without Endeca or any other separately licensed products?
Endeca is a licensed product, so you if you have it, it will work fine on a tablet or mobile device, and you can also customize Endeca Extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite. What this brings is a set of pre-built components for EBS. Of course you can also customize your Endeca, changing the structure, the filters, or sources depending on your business needs.

In terms of creating a Mobile Application, this was always an alternative that you could have pursued but now with the mobile applications provided by Oracle for free unless there’s a very specific requirement that cannot be fulfilled by the existing applications then there’s no need for building one.

What’s the solution for accessing the EBS (worklist Approval, Procurement) apps outside VPN? As currently Oracle says the apps are only accessible within VPN.
As we can see on the roadmap, Oracle hasn’t come up with the Single Sign On and DMZ solution, which is why the access to URLs in mobile applications need to be under your VPN (intranet). Per our understanding Oracle Development is currently under the process of testing solutions that will resolve this requirement, and we can expect a release coming out soon.

When you say these apps are built on OAF, are we talking about apps based Oracle ADF mobile framework or Mobile Application Framework?
Let’s clarify. Oracle E-Business Suite’s HTML pages are built using Oracle Application Framework and within EBS there are a few ADF pages. This is the strategy for Tablets (iPads for example) that won’t have a native application and functionality such as gestures or responsive UI will be delivered through this method.

The available EBS Mobile applications are:

  • Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite (for Expense approvals)
  • Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite (for Recruitment approvals)
  • Oracle Mobile Timecards for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite (for Purchase Order approvals)
  • Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite (for Requisition approvals)
  • Oracle Mobile iProcurement for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Procurement for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Project Manager for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Discrete Production Supervisor for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Inventory for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Maintenance for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Process Production Supervisor for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Product Information for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Project Manufacturing for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Mobile Sales Orders for Oracle E-Business Suite
These applications are built on Mobile Application Framework (MAF) and the latest version of some of the mobile apps was updated to MAF 2.0.1.

In our organization we are using “GOOD Technology” for email etc., is there a way to integrate with GOOD?
There is no official certification for Oracle EBS Mobile applications and Good Technology. If you’d like to perform a test please contact our sales team and coordinate a meeting.

Are Mobile Apps available on Android platform as well?
The Oracle Development Team doesn’t have sufficient resources to test and release iOS and Android apps simultaneously. Per the official communication will eventually release both versions, but the iOS versions are likely always to be released first.

How can we integrate Apps security with the organizational security, in a sense can you explain more on the security framework?
Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps interact with the middle tier through REST-based data services and security services. When a mobile user launches the app, the security services are invoked to authenticate the user based on user credentials and initialize the security context to authorize the user with access privileges. Once the login is validated successfully, the user can access the app and the underlying Oracle E-Business Suite REST services.

I’m in Oracle EBS version 12.1.2 would I be able to implement the Mobile Applications for my users?
First of all you will have to upgrade to 12.1.3 or 12.2.4 in order to be able to implement mobile applications. Once you’re in the certified version, there is no new technology required on the Oracle E-Business Suite server for the mobile apps. To use the Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps, you only need to apply server-side patches and perform some setup tasks to configure your mobile app on the server.

Do users have to configure something on their phones to run the Oracle EBS Mobile Apps?
The users will only have to download the corresponding application (IT can provide the URL for that matter) and after that enter the URL provided by the system administrator (your EBS URL) so the can login with their EBS credentials. After that the user will be ready to start having EBS in their pockets!

If you missed our webcast, you can download the webcast recording and presentation from our website. If you’d like to see a free DEMO on any of the Mobile Applications and get the apps quickly integrated with your E-Business Suite environment, contact us today.