Oracle Announces General availability of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 – What You Need to Know

Oracle Corporation has officially announced the general availability of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4, effective August 8th, 2014. Here we provide you an overview of what is new, and what it means to you.The official note in My Oracle Support can be found here: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4 Readme (Note 1617458.1) .

This Release Update Pack (RUP) has error corrections that address stability, performance and security issues but, more importantly, it includes many new features on both technical and functional sides.

Oracle Continues to Transform the User Experience

In the previous release 12.2.3, Oracle introduced a new look-and-feel for all the Oracle Application Framework (OAF) based pages with the Skyros skin.

In this new release Oracle takes this improvement a step forward with many new enhancements that will enlighten end users.

New Universal Global Header

Aligned with Fusion Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite introduces a new Global Header fully supported across  desktop, mobile and tables Platforms.

Oracle R12.2.4, Oracle EBS 12.2.4



Simple Home Page. Following the design patterns of Fusion Applications, the new simple home page includes an announcement section and also a list of iconized functions with a custom role-based page with a fast and easy access to the favorites.

Other improvements include Rich Table interactions and HGrid Interactions allowing you to reorder, resize, and hide/show columns among other actions.

A big introduction taking into consideration new and expanded usages of E-Business Suite is the gesture support for mobile devices enhancing the user experience on touch devices with APIs for hold, swipe, swipe-up and swipe-down, check mark and X-mark that will improve the adoption of users in these new devices.

If you want a full description of the new features please check Oracle Application Framework Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1676223.1).

DBA and Technology Stack New Features

One new feature that Oracle is introducing in 12.2.4 that will get a lot of attention is the new “Online Patching Downtime Mode.” This is a new option within the adop that will apply patches directly into the “run edition” of the file system and database without having to run an online patching cycle.

EBS Admins will need to add this new option to the adop as “apply_mode=downtime”. Oracle makes it very clear that downtime mode is only supported for production use where it is explicitly documented or directed by Oracle.

While Oracle R12.2’s basic on-line patching  has been overwhelmingly popular, we’ve seen many organizations demanding this type of downtime patch, for multiple reasons and the only way to get the full benefit of on line patching will be to upgrade to 12.2.4.

There are two more additional features that are the Online Patch Log Analyzer and Standard Cleanup that will help to analyze and clean up.

Functional Changes Introduced in Release 12.2.4

In previous releases there was a “proxy users” functionality but in Release 12.2.4 Oracle completely revamped this functionality by leveraging the new global header to allow  Oracle EBS administrators to give one or more users access to functionality. It includes a wide range of system administrator capabilities to tailor what users can or cannot delegate as well as a set of seeded policies and a capability of building your own policies for proxy user delegation restrictions.

The new Order Management HTML User interface will allow users creating, updating and managing orders. The new HTML user interface is in addition to and co-exists with the existing sales order screens and Order Information Portal (OIP).

Also there are new features within Oracle Purchasing, such as Buyer Work Center Session Preferences and Spreadsheet based authoring of PO lines via Web ADI, which enhance productivity and provide a better user experience.

For more information and a detailed overview of these features and more, we recommend checking Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 and 12.2 Transfer of Information (TOI) Online Training (Doc ID 807319.1).

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