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OpenWorld Outtake: Oracle R12.2 Where to Find What You Need

OpenWorld Outtake: Oracle R12.2 Where to Find What You Need
One of the biggest announcements to come out of Oracle OpenWorld 2013 was the long anticipated release of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.

Many of you are wondering: |How (and where) do I learn more about Release 12.2?

Fortunately,  Oracle has developed an excellent set of resources. Let me share with you, based on our experience, how you should get started.

Before putting EBS Release 12.2 on the table, I’d highly encourage you to train yourself on R12.2’s advantages -which are many- in this new release (click here and scroll down for a discussion of R12.2’s advantages).

Your main resource should be the Information Center for Release 12.2 – you can find it in My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1581299.1). This is the location for many documents (and others that are yet to come) that will get you started on building your skill sets for upgrading to EBS Release 12.2.

If you had the chance to be introduced to EBS R12.2 in one of last year’s presentations from Cliff, Lisa, Steven, Kevin, Nadia, Max or other members of the Oracle Applications Technology Group, then I recommend checking out the Online Patching Q&A (Doc ID 1583902.1). This document contains the most common questions we’ve all had, and it provides a good way to start.

What are the major pros when considering an upgrade to EBS Release 12.2?

  • Leveraging the new functionalities of Release 12.2 – for more information on this, you can check the Release Content Documents (Doc ID 1302189.1) and the Release Value Proposition (Doc ID 1580742.1).
  • Decreasing the downtime, which allows you to negotiate a clear and short time window with business users.

Afterwards, your technical team can go over the Technical Planning Guide (Doc ID 1585857.1). It is a good high-level guide for DBAs and developers to understand the concepts and steps behind an upgrade.

If you’re weren’t able to make it to OpenWorld but are interested in learning more about Oracle R12.2, you can click here to visit our Oracle OpenWorld resources page

You can also Oracle R12.2  related posts by clicking here. Make sure to check back as we’ll offer regular updates from this point forward.

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