Q and A from Simplifying Complexity with Oracle EBS

A recent survey of finance professionals revealed that close to 70% described the simple act of standardizing operating practices and controls as a “major focus.”

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To reveal how Oracle E-Business Suite can help you reduce complexity, last week IT Convergence hosted the webcast:

“Simplify Complexity Globally and Locally with E-Business Suite”

. As usual, we are happy to bring you the transcript of the Q and A session that followed the presentation.

1.    We have Oracle SOA Suite. Do we need to use an integrated SOA gateway?

Within Oracle E-Business Suite, there’s a limited SOA suite and limited SOA gateway, and you can leverage it for EBS integrations. In terms of licensing, if you want to use that beyond Oracle EBS, you will have two product licenses. If you’re using it just with Oracle EBS, as part of 12.1.3 and 12.2, the license is included.

2.    Does Endeca Supersede Oracle Discover?

Endeca  is a product Oracle acquired a few years ago, and it has many implementations. About a year ago, Oracle had close to 18 modules covered in Endeca for Oracle E-Business Suite, and it’s a pre-built package. It has all the Oracle EBS security features, such as responsibility, accounts, and it’s licensed separately. It is integrated with Oracle EBS  so that you can navigate through the information easily, and, being pre-built, it’s very easy to handle.

3.    Are there any improvements for iExpense, or the possibility that Oracle will purchase Concur?

Well, we know Oracle has a hot checkbook; they just bought a company a couple of weeks ago, but we are not aware of plans to buy Concur. Regarding iExpense, the improvements will be on the user experience side. There’s a native application that was originally built for Fusion Applications and now runs on Oracle EBS. If you’re using 12.1.3 or 12.2, Mobile Expense for your iPhone will work directly with EBS without extra licensing. This is a great improvement that had been requested by many companies.

4.    What are some of the reasons that make localizations in India so difficult?

India localizations are indeed very complex. For more information on the topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

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