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ERP Testing with Oracle UPK and OATS Q and A

ERP Testing with Oracle UPK and OATS Q and A
IT Convergence’s recent webcast “Beef Up Your Oracle ERP Testing with OATS and UPK” was an outstanding success, drawing well over 150 registrants and nearly as many attendees on the day of the event.

As always, we are happy to offer a complete transcript of the Q and A section below:

Q: How do UPK and OATS work with customizations?

What we did for the library of components that we have for flow builder, those are for generic Oracle out of the box products. If you have one component customized, you can update what we give you and store it in that library and you can use it over and over.

Q: Does standard (out of the box) UPK work as presented with OATS?

Yes standard Oracle User Productivity functionality is completely compatible with OATS.

Q: If you build all the libraries, until what extent we can reuse those libraries ?

We went into the details for each area and functionality – like creating a sales order – we took a deep dive to break it into small components. In the future if you have a test flow that you need to create that might be missing that component, you can go and record the component that is missing to add it to your library – but generally speaking, all necessary components are already there.

Q: Did you actually create an OATS functional script from the manual test script that you imported? 

For flow builder you will have your functional script. Of course when we want to automate a script you have it manual like a document. To automate it you go through it line by line – you grab the generic components, log into the application and create a sales order.

Once you create your flow you can generate a written document out of this flow, so you can print it out. There’s no way import a word document into the tool so it becomes automated, but you can export it once you are done.

Q: We have the Standard version of UPK, not Professional. Does the Standard version work with OATS as described in the webcast?

Yes, the difference between Standard and Professional is related to the deployment aspect of the Knowledge Center. This is another component of UPK that is a self-service learning portal – in this repository you can track report score and host the courses for end users.

The difference is going to be the learning center will be more robust, to customize reporting and drill down on the desired aspects, as well as have the ability to set up prescribed learning paths for end users to maximize the way they learn and adopt the new processes.

Q: We already own OATS and UPK, but is it safe to assume that Flow Builder is a separately licensed product?

Flow Builder has been released as part of the functional testing suite- so look at the OATS 12.3 to search for pricing and check with your representative. If you already own OATS, you should be able to get Flow Builder for free.

Q: UPK 11 has Test It mode and there appear to be on-going investment in UPK, as well as integration with Tutor. Do you know the Roadmap for Oracle to connect UPK/Tutor/OATS (and perhaps other products like OUM)?

As far as Oracle Tutor goes, it’s a retired product for Oracle. There hasn’t been much movement; but they are looking into how they can integrate it with Oracle BPM or other tools. Join our next webcast on the Oracle Encore presentation – we will be attending the Oracle UPK roadmap session so we will be taking notes and presenting them at our next webcast.

Q: I don’t understand how Flow Builder integrates with OATS. Did that custom flow you created somehow become an OATS functional script?

A: Flow Builder is a framework under Oracle Functional Testing Suite. It is simplified test automation with test script generation. The generated test flow is an OATS script with the following property:

  • Drag & Drop
  • Reusable Test Flows 
  • Data Independent
  • Easy Maintenance
  • For Non-Technical People 

Not to mention the great 2000+ library of components and 200+ prebuilt flows.

On the OATS functional suite, there’s the good old record and play. In the Flow Builder we are giving you the framework for your library of components and a drag and drop feature to create your flows, so it’s a part of OATS.

Q: Does OATS support Web Services?

Yes, OATS supports a full range of Web Services it does.

Q: I can see you are showing the internal EBS QA version of OFB…can you please say something about the new UI?

A: The new released UI is more modern and improved compared to the testing one. Please let us know if you need another demo on the new released UI.

Q: Does Flow Builder have a Siebel  library?

A: No, currently Flow Builder is focused on the EBS products.

Q: Flow builder is included in the Oracle functional testing suite for Oracle Apps license

A: Yes, that is correct. If you purchase Oracle functional testing suite, Flow Builder should be included. If you already have the Oracle functional testing suite, you should be able to get Flow Builder for free.

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