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Oracle Financials R12 – Question and Answers

Oracle Financials R12 – Question and Answers

Last month’s webcast “What’s New in Oracle Financials R12” was the most successful Webcast IT Convergence has hosted yet.

Over two hundred people registered for the event, and attendees downloaded the Presentation Power Point in record numbers.

The Webcast also generated a lot of questions from the participants, and we’ll are happy to publish the part I Q&A Transcript here:

  • Dianne M. What type of forms personalization is available in Oracle R12’s web-based forms/user interface?
    There are many ways to personalize the forms in Oracle R12. End Users can add favorites, change the layout of the form, view items at the top –vs- the bottom, etc.
  • What is the major purpose for Oracle R12 Financials new Sub-ledger Accounting (SLA) functionality ? Is the main purpose to keep the sub-ledger whole? What other positive factors does this have?
    Oracle R12’s SLA functionality allows you flexibility in reporting, reviewing, reconciling, data etc. It also helps ends users see journal entries without having GL access. It is great for finding find possible accounting errors in accounting before they are posted to the GL ensuring that you establish a clean audit trail.
  • Mark D.: What percentage of customers move to R12 by upgrading from 11i as apposed to migrating from 11i – In other words doing a re-installation?
    Most of our customers have upgraded to R12 as opposed to re-implementing. However, we recommend an R12 Impact Assessment to review your specific needs and to help you make the best decision for your organization.
  • In Oracle R12, Can COGS (cost of goods sold) and Revenue be linked to ensure COGS is recognized when the goods are Invoiced and Accepted by the customer and not when the goods ship?
    In Oracle 11i this link would have required a modification to the COGS workflow in 11i. Revenue and COGS are recognized in 11i when goods are shipped unless the COGS workflow is modified. However, in R12, the functionality to tie the COGS and Revenue is standard, which is a huge improvement and helps with compliance to the standards laid by US GAAP.
    Bill D.: We have heard that Concurrent Manager goes away in R12, is this true?
    No, the concurrent manager still exists in R12 to run standard reports and programs. It does not go away.
    Ronald W.: Although most upgrades to Oracle R12 aren’t “standard,” what is an average time and cost to upgrade?
    Cost and time will vary based on footprint, customizations, etc. However, you can assume the timing will be a minimum of 4 months to upgrade.
    Todd R.: Progress Payments and Retainage are new in R12. How do this processes relate to the subledgers and General Leder?
    R12 creates a Journal Entry (JE) for the full amount of the payments, then creates a separate JE for the retained amount. At the end of the project, a release is done and another JE is created to offset the retained transactions.

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