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Oracle Financials Tutorial Videos

Oracle Financials Tutorial Videos
Is there anything that the suits in the corporate board room appreciate more than a finance report that gives them up to date, accurate information?

Probably not.

    Oracle launched the E-Business Suite largely with that goal in mind, and Oracle Financials Release 12 gives today’s companies a 21st century tool for gathering, sorting, and storing enterprise-level finance data.

    But ensuring that Oracle Financials is ready to deliver actionable finance and accounting information requires some know how.

    And that’s why we’re pulled together this selection of educational and tutorial videos on Oracle Financials R12.

    Oracle R12 Financials Tutorial: Subledger Accounting  (24:09)

    1. See how Oracle R12’s Subledger Accounting replaces Oracle 11i’s Sets of Books
    2. Learn more about Oracle’s 4 C’s Currency, COA (Chart of Accounts), Calendar and aCcounting Method
    3. Discover more about General Ledger Transaction Inquiry Reports in Oracle Financials R12  

      Oracle Financials Handbook Preview Video

      Watch the co-author of the Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook preview the 3rd edition of this McGraw Hill Oracle Press publication.

        Oracle R12 Financial New Features – Oracle Receivables Line Item Receipt (2:49)

        Learn to use new R12 functionality to configure AR Invoices against specific line item(s).

         Still Can’t Get Enough of Oracle Financials? 

        If these videos have only whet your appetite for more on Oracle R12 Financials then you’re in luck.

        1. Check out the Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook Third Edition on
        2. View more videos on Oracle R12 Financials, Fusion Financials, and other solutions on our YouTube Channel.
        3. Ask our Oracle Financials experts your questions on Oracle Financials either by commenting on our blog and/or tweeting them directly to @ggonza4itc.
        4. Plan to join us @ our Oracle Financials R12 New Features Workshop scheduled for the last week of January in Texas. To register or for more information, click here now.

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