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Oracle HRMS R12 Workshop: Sneak Preview!

Oracle HRMS R12 Workshop: Sneak Preview!

I just thought I’d offer a brief “Sneak Peek” to those who’ve already signed up, and those who are thinking of signing up, for the March 18th for our March 29th workshop, “R12 HRMS – Implement Oracle HR,” to be held in the middle of downtown Manhattan.

The topics we cover in this class are very applicable to day-to-day maintenance of HRMS. You’ll learn about the interdependence of the various configuration steps and how to maintain these data on a go-forward basis. For example, we all know that it is easy to create a new record, but after you’ve created that record, do you really understand how this record will impact other modules in the Oracle HRMS R12 suite (not to mention modules in applications such as Oracle Financials).

This workshop gives you that knowledge as well as other tips and practical business skills that allow you to become a more proficient Oracle HRMS professional.

There are a lot of shared entities owned by HR which have significant influence on other modules. For example, we explore the usages Organization codes throughout the Oracle E-Business Suite, as you’ll learn how to create, change and inactive Organization codes. Finally, you’ll also get tips and insights into maintaining and using Employee Data.

Of you’re going to learn a lot more during this workshop, and although I’d love to do into greater detail I can’t – or else would be more than just a sneak peek!

But you can not only find out more about “R12 HRMS – Implement Oracle HR,” you can register for this workshop today, by clicking here to visiting our Public Workshops website. And just a quick reminder, OAUG members get a 25% discount to “R12 HRMS – Implement Oracle HR,” as well all of the Oracle Applications Workshops that the OAUG and IT Convergence are sponsoring.

I look forward to seeing you there!