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Oracle iSetup Webinar Q&A Answers

Oracle iSetup Webinar Q&A Answers

Weren’t able to attend last weeks webcast on iSetup? No worries, we’ve compiled all the answers to your questions in this post so you can double check them.

Please check the Q&A below:

Q: Do ITC consultants typically use iSetup in their engagements?

A: We have begun to use it more with our R12 projects as the product has improved from 11i and has many more seeded Selection Set criteria

Q: How does the iSetup functionality compare to the OEM pack Application Management Suite setup migration functionality?

A: The Application Management Suite is more robust, but it does have additional costs associated with it

Q: Why is Customization Level E in your report? This is not the value you see in the application? How do I know what E means?

A: That particular example was for a Lookup, and lookups have a customization level which indicates its capability to be altered. S=System, E=Extensible, U=User.

Q: For profiles can you limit what you compare on? ie who updated vs just values of the profile

A: It displays the definition of the profile option as well as the current value level, level value, owner, last update date and profile option value

Q: You mentioned that you can create a document in the BR100 format. Is there any support the new OUM formats?

A: The document style provided by Oracle is named Setup Document Style and does provide output similar to the BR100 format. I do not know if they plan to change that output style to reflect any format changes to represent the new OUM formats.

Q: Is the Load is restriceted from 11i to R12 or it can be from 11i to 11i

A: You can use the automated features within iSetup with instances at the same release 11i and 11i, or 12 and 12; just not from 11i to 12

Q: This application is similar to FNDLOAD utility, do you agree with this? However this provide additional and form driven utility?

A: iSetup is essentially a web user interface to the FNDLOAD utility with instance connectivity to automate migrations

Q: What components of Lease Management are included in iSetup, have there been further improvements to the Lease Management offering with respect to iSetup

A: For Lease Management there are Accounting Setups (Stream Types, Stream Generation Templates, and Accounting Template Sets) and Product Setups (Template Qualities, Qualities, Product Templates, and Products)

Q: How do you create custom selection sets for modules not listed in the seeded selection sets.

A: The steps for doing this using the data objects available in the iSetup Interface Repository are described in the iSetup Users Manual for R12 beginning on page 5-8 and further on 7-4.

Q: How and what inforamtion doees DBC file contains?

A: The .dbc file contains various information required to establish connectivity including server host name, port, and JDBC parameters

Q: Can we use isetup for data migration also ?

A: iSetup extracts can be used for data migration or reporting

Q: Is there a complete list of what is FND loadable?

A: Information about FNDLOAD can be found at in notes such as 735338.1

Q: Re: it’s Free, What was the patch set level you need to maintain in order to be eligible for it to be free?

A: iSetup is always free with EBS and Oracle recommends that you be at the current AD patchset level

Q: When it covers a module does it include all steps for that module?

A: No, not all steps or data items for all modules are included, but several of the labor intensive ones are

Q: If the FND value set doesn’t exist in the other instance , is it created automatically like in FND_LOAD?

A: As part of the migration of a Value Set, if it does not already exist in the target instance, it is created

Q: Can iSetup also compare custom packages? or only compare data, data sets?

A: Packages are not included in the standard iSetup Selection Set criteria at this time

Q: specifically to my question, I’m trying to migrate setups for the Treasury module, but that is not listed in the seeded selection sets.

A: If Treasury is not included in the current list, then it is not currently available

Q: Where do you start iSetup from?

A: iSetup is a responsibility that is granted to a user

Q: Do we need to place target dbc file into $FND_SECURE folder of source instance?

A: all .dbc files for all instances to which iSetup needs access, need to be placed in the $FND_SECURE directories of each instance

Q: How would you consider the usage complexity specific to end users.Is it complex or easy?

A: iSetup is considerably easier than FNDLOAD for users to use

Q: Can we use this application to do setup only for one Oracle application like GL and not for all our applications?

A: If you wanted to restrict its usage, you would have to modify the access to the seeded Selection Sets

Q: Anybody using this application now? in 11i or 12i? What applications?

A: Several ITC clients as well as those attending our presentations at Collaborate, OHUG and regional OAUG meetings are using iSetup

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