Oracle Open World 2017 Highlights & The Enterprise Cloud Development News You Were Waiting For

Another great Oracle Open World conference just wrapped up, and we have to say it did not disappoint, as tradition, our exhibitor booth was packed with our subject matter experts providing solution Demos and carrying out assessments while deep diving into discussions about the different Oracle technologies we service.

We had the chance to catch up with many of our customers in the multiple customer appreciation events we held during the OpenWorld week, including an SF Giants game, an executive dinner, a very lively happy hour and two hands-on workshops that our experts led around creating a robust software testing strategy and ensuring Oracle lift and shift success.

Our experts also held different sessions at OOW17, presenting topics related to Oracle Cloud adoption, Oracle Big Data, and Oracle Analytics.

We were also very excited to see the new solutions that Oracle unveiled during multiple Keynote speeches, among the most relevant for ITC were the Oracle Cloud announcements for the roadmap of their SaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, as well as the emergence of Autonomous Databases (the world’s 1st ‘self-driving’ database!) powered by Oracle Database 18c, with security automation to ensure company’s data protection.

IT Convergence is one of the few Oracle partners certified to be an Oracle Cloud Managed Services provider, reaffirming our expertise and our ability to deliver white glove quality service to customers that have their applications hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS), which is why this announcement that Oracle made about their Cloud Infrastructure enhancements gave us great confidence for being part of the Oracle managed services family, Oracle mentions having their new compute platform provide customers with 87% more performance than any major cloud vendor with a pricing advantage on top, delivering the industry’s highest levels of performance for production enterprise applications. These advances apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute, Storage, Networking, and Edge which will offer IT operations, developers, and researchers with optimized infrastructure services. You can watch Oracle EBS Global VP talk about how you can lift and shift your on-premise EBS applications to Oracle IaaS in our recent webcast, and contact us to learn more about our Oracle Managed Services capabilities.

From the PaaS perspective, Oracle announced a roadmap to include functionalities where the software automatically learns, manages, tunes and scales to meet changing computing needs. New PaaS solutions include the Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Exadata (X7), Oracle Big Data Cloud with new AI, data lake and integration capabilities. ITC is highly experienced in helping customers with their technology, data and application integration needs, Click here to contact us about our Integration and SOA services.

And finally Oracle Cloud Applications (SaaS), perhaps one of the main areas where we’ve seen significant and continuous development from Oracle over the last few years. Among exciting enhancements we find built-in AI capabilities across its application suite, intuitive UIs, machine learning, and IoT and chatbots connectivity to accelerate intelligent outcomes for businesses. Oracle is now the only vendor to offer a complete and integrated application suite to run an entire business in the Cloud. Learn more about our Oracle Cloud applications expertise here.

IT Convergence is proud to be in the very forefront of the Enterprise Cloud innovation, apart from being an Oracle Cloud Managed Services provider, we are also an official Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer for North America in multiple Cloud application modules. And our own Private Cloud is continuously moving ahead of the curve with a team that works tirelessly in DevOps for automation tools and frameworks that can create significant savings and productivity gain for our hosted customers.

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