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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Outtake: Oracle EBS R12.2 Customization Considerations

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Outtake: Oracle EBS R12.2 Customization Considerations
One of the most exciting features in R12.2 is the Online Patching support via Oracle 11gR2 Edition-Based redefinition.

User adoption of Oracle R12 since its introduction in 2007 has been slow. While some of that reluctance is undoubtedly due to the Great Recession, it is also true that a lot of CFO’s and CIO’s were skeptical that R12’s benefits would justify the costs of an upgrade.

R12.2 might be a game changer in that sense, because benefits it delivers in via on-line patching are enticing enough for companies to start thinking about and R12 upgrade in the sort term. This is especially true for Oracle EBS users at round the clock shops or ones that have shared services centers that serve teams located multiple time zones leaving very little time windows to apply patches.

Oracle EBS Customizations and R12.2

Performing an technical upgrade to Oracle R12.2 is not that complicated, as an early blog post detailed. However…. What about customizations?

All 11i or R12.0/R12.1 customizations need to be updated to support on-line patching or you will be on the spot for the wrong reason.

Clearly, the issue of getting your Oracle 11i and/or R12.0/R12.1 customizations migrated to R12.2 is a tricky one, but here are some key considerations:

  • Oracle R12.2’s online patching is based on the EBR database feature and also in many new standards defined for the database objects, especially in the areas of dynamic PL/SQL and naming conventions.
  • Dynamic generation of PL/SQL code must be disabled during hot patching operations which means your customized programs must either avoid dynamic PL/SQL code generation it or implement features to enable/disable the generation of dynamic code as needed
  • To get fully ready for on-line patching, you’ll need to update your naming conventions. 
  • Special naming constraints are imposed so that objects that have a special meaning for the Online Patching feature can be properly identified.

Finally, not all object types are “editionable” so you must pay attention to how you deal with those objects and avoid dependencies between editionable and non-editionable objects, which would make the editionable ones invalid for EBR support.

Are You Ready for Oracle R12.2?

The Oracle E-Business suite end-users community has been waiting for Oracle R12.2 for a long time. If you’re at Oracle OpenWorld 13 and want to see a demo on Oracle R12.2 stop by booth 1027.

If you couldn’t make it to OOW 13 and/or Google brought you to this blog entry long after the show is over, you’ve still got options.

Simply go to our Oracle OpenWorld resources page where you can download copies of our presentations. Or better yet, Join our October 30th, 2013 Webcast: “Oracle R12.2 and You. Insight from a Beta Tester.” The webcast will feature first-hand insight from our experts on the on-line patching functionality, its impact, customizations and extensions.

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