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Oracle OpenWorld 13 – How to Navigate 3 Conferences in One

Oracle OpenWorld 13 – How to Navigate 3 Conferences in One
Oracle OpenWorld is by far the ERP industry’s biggest conference, drawing people from all four corners of the world. Come to OpenWorld and you’re guaranteed to have a good time, make a lot of contacts, and enjoy the beautiful sights of San Francisco.

But don’t get lost.

Oracle OpenWorld isn’t one big conference but rather 3 Oracle conferences in on. (This dates back to the days of predecessors to OOW.)

First there’s OOW13. Oracle OpenWorld is actually the fusion of “OracleWorld” and “AppsWorld” which once stand alone technical and functional conferences.  The other two conferences are: JavaOne and  MySQL Connect,.  With the announcement of Java Platform Enterprise Edition 7 back in June this year, JavaOne is the Mecca for java developers to get the latest and greatest from the experience. For the MySQL Connect show, you can go from the Essentials to Performance for big scale implementations.

Some facts:

Java MySQL
1.1 billion desktops run Java
930 million Java Runtime Environment downloads each year
3 billion mobile phones run Java
100% of all Blu-ray players run Java
Java powers set-top boxes, printers, games, car navigation systems, ATMs, lottery terminals, medical devices, parking payment stations, and more.
The world’s most popular open source database
MySQL 5.6 announced on February 5th, 2013 enhancing scalability and flexible NoSQL access, improved replication just to mention some of the key characteristics.
MySQL Workbench 6.0 launched last month with a redesigned user interface and new features simplifying the administration

Come to OOW and you’ll be among more than 50,000 peers and colleagues searching for the best sessions and all but a few of them are certain to be packed. That creates a challenge, because invariably you’ll find yourself running from one session or social event to the next. How can you book a spot without having to do a line at the door of your session? Very simple, go to the “Schedule Builder”  and enroll on the sessions that you want. That will secure your seat now.
Sunday, September 22nd the day starts with the Oracle Users Forum, where you can meet with experts and real case experiences. A don’t miss keynote is at 5:15pm where Larry Ellison will present the latest news from Oracle. 
There’s also time for fun with the presentation of Maroon 5 and The Black Keys at the Oracle Appreciation Event.
That will get you started on an amazing week with the latest technology and innovation.
Missing OpenWorld? No Worries, IT Convergence will be using social media to share what’s going on and every ITC’s presentation will be posted at our Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Resources page.