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Oracle OpenWorld Is Only 3 Weeks Away

Oracle OpenWorld Is Only 3 Weeks Away
Oracle Open World 2013

We’re less than 3 weeks away to one of the biggest events of the year. And it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The key concept that Oracle is pushing at OpenWorld this year is “Simplifying IT is transforming enterprises around the world.” The concept might be sound overly ambitious but it creates the atmosphere that gets to the heart of what concerns IT Executives the most.

Technology is bringing the word closer together. That is creating a constant need for information, which in turn is driving business transformation. Everything becomes connected. From a manufacturing plant in China, to a delivery center in California or Sao Pablo, to a consumer in Vancouver, British Columbia or La Paz, Bolivia; from a customer service representative in Chicago, to the social media center in Costa Rica analyzing tweets or Facebook  posts.

The challenge is to simplify the technology at the heart of all of, maximize the return on investment (ROI) and seamlessly integrate systems and processes to drive growth.

How can Oracle Open World 2013 help you on that? 

Well it is one of the few if not only spots where you can hear from more than 3,500 Oracle experts and customers that can offer a “Been there, done that” perspective. If you want to go a step further, there are more than 2,500 interactive sessions and hands-on demo-grounds can show you how to in a more practical way.  If you still want more, then IT Convergence will be offering add-hoc demos with experts at the booth on challenges such as Fusion Apps, Service Oriented Architecture, User Productivity Kit and of course one of the main competences of ITC which is rolling out in Brazil, China, or Latin America your ERP solution.

This year with the introduction of the our new “Brazil Desk” which will making doing business in Brazil easier than ever before. Want to learn more? Then plan to visit us at booth 1027 or check out our Oracle OpenWorld Resources page