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Oracle OpenWorld 13 “Outtake”: EBS Release 12.2 On-Line Patching; What It Is and What It Isn’t…

Oracle OpenWorld 13 “Outtake”: EBS Release 12.2 On-Line Patching; What It Is and What It Isn’t…
Oracle OpenWorld 2013 has arrived, and with it comes Oracle’s long awaited announcement of the general availability of Oracle Applications R12.2.

One of the most attractive features of Oracle R12.2 is the release of on-line patching. As both operational and ERP veterans know, the issue of applying patches to Oracle E-Business Suite has always long been one of the most challenging aspects of Oracle EBS maintenance and support.

Critical patches would need to be applied, which often forced decision makers to make choices between taking Oracle off line during critical peak manufacturing periods or month end closings, or running the risk of keeping Oracle Applications on-line without running a necessary patch.

• Oracle R12.2 greatly simplify that. However, Oracle R12.2’s on-line patching functionality it is not a panacea.

IT Convergence has been an Oracle R12.2 early adopter since early 2012 , so we have first-hand experience which allows us to help define what is and what is not online patching for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2

Oracle R12.2 Online Patching IS Oracle R12.2 Online Patching IS NOT
A method that allows for applying Oracle EBS application patches while users are online. A method that can be utilized to apply patches to the rest of the technology stack.
A functionality that leveraging features of Oracle 11gR2 Database -Edition Based Redefinition (EBR)- which editions code objects in the database and new object types. A functionality that impacts the performance with the use of Edition Views.
A method that includes multiple phases. Something that provides 100% up-time, it only minimizes downtime to promote changes.
A release that supplies a tool that provides visibility into EBR violations  and automatically corrects most of them. A release that corrects all the violations to EBR, some will have to be manually fixed by your Oracle DBA.
Increasing the network port requirements for Weblogic Server managed servers on the secondary File System. Duplicating the file system completely, just a copy of the components that make up an application middle tier file system.
Capable of applying the patch long before doing the cutover. Ex. starting the prepare phases at the beginning of the week and doing the cutover the following weekend. A feature that allows you to forego Oracle database downtime when applying an online patch.
Get Up to Speed on Oracle R12.2

Those who didn’t get to stop by Booth #1027 during Oracle OpenWorld 2013 to request an On Demand Demo on Oracle R12.2 can download our presentation materials at our Oracle OpenWorld 2013  resources page and/or read the entire thread on Oracle R12.2 by clicking here.

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