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Oracle OpenWorld Tutor & UPK Presentations

Oracle OpenWorld Tutor & UPK Presentations

This year’s Oracle Open World conference has had a nice focus on Oracle Tutor and UPK. There have been 16 sessions in the area. Oracle has presented ten of those and, of the 6 remaining sessions, I delivered 2 of them! I am VERY excited about this. I am an instructor and by nature I love to share my knowledge with others to help them with their challenges. So to be able to share information within 2 sessions is a great opportunity.

My first presentation, “Is Oracle UPK Vital for Supporting Business Expansion? Absolutely!” recounted actually a customer success with Tutor-UPK sessions. I will be talking about how we used UPK to assist a company get newly acquired companies up to speed on Oracle Applications as well as merge processes from 3 lines of business into a common process.

My second presentation, “Oracle UPK and Oracle Tutor, Strong on Their Own but Better Together” discussed why business documentation is important. I demonstrated how to use Tutor and UPK from a high level (some of the WOW features), and how to link Tutor and UPK materials together to create a dynamic, robust, interactive learning solutions for your organization.

These are both very interesting and exciting topics for me and I hope you made it to my sessions. If not, check back soon as supporting white papers and Power Point Presentations will soon become available on our Oracle OpenWorld page.