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Collaborate 12 Presentation on Oracle Parent-Child Relationships

Collaborate 12 Presentation on Oracle Parent-Child Relationships
It’s morning of Day 3 and I attended a hands-on session on the new
features of the OBIEE 11g Data Modeler.  More options with setting
conditions and additional chart presentation options will be very
useful.  I was also lucky enough to win a drawing for the book “Oracle
Essbase & Oracle OLAP Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solution”
While I am looking forward to reading this material, I may wait until
I leave Las Vegas before starting on this.

Yesterday, I did present on Migrating Discoverer to BI Publisher 11g.
I thought the presentation went well but the attendees are the real
judges so I will await feedback from their evaluations.  About 40
people attended.  I was fortunate to have the Oracle Product Manager
for BI Publisher in attendance as he answered a couple of the
attendees questions with which I had minimal experience.  Of course,
this allowed me to learn a couple of new things during my own
presentation which is what Collaboration is all about.

Dana Wallace of Fairbanks Morse Engine and I presented our session on
Hierarchical Queries in the last session of the day.  We did have
about 20 people in attendance.  It was a very technical presentation
with SQL code and data tables to show the various SQL Query results.
If the attendees are like me, it will take additional review of the
material to fully understand how it works.  However, they now have
examples that can be easily implemented to provide Hierarchical Query
reports for their E-Business Suite data.  This includes an indented
BOM report that can report various information such as total quantity
needed and cost information for any component at any level in the
hierarchy.  This is a very useful report for manufacturing
organizations and can be customized as needed.  The presentation also
covered the new functionality provided in Oracle 11g for the
Hierarchical Query SQL statement.  This simplifies the SQL coding
required in earlier database versions to create a hierarchical query.
During the 2 hour opening session of the exhibit area, I did get to
have several in depth conversations with current and (hopefully)
future customers of IT Convergence.  I always enjoy sharing
information about reporting solutions with people of organizations in
various industries.  To me, this is one of the key benefits of
attending Collaboration

Now that my two presentations are completed, I can focus on learning
from what looks like some very good sessions on BI topics and
collaborating with a wide range of conference attendees.
As a follow-up to my blog entry of yesterday that discussed the issues
with continental breakfast architecture, the afternoon break yesterday
was actually worse.  After my first presentation which ended at 3:30
there was supposed to be refreshments and a snack.  By the time I got
to the reception area there were a couple of empty soda cans, empty
fruit bowls and a lot of ice.  Just prior to starting my presentation
with Dana at 5:00 pm, I asked the attendees who was able to get a
refreshment and 3 of the 20 people raised their hands.  One of them
said his sister’s job involved providing refreshments and food at
conferences such as this so he actually monitored the afternoon
process which went something like this:

•       By 3:22 pm all of the candy bars were gone.
•       By 3:25 pm all of the fruit and chips were gone.
•       By 3:27 pm all of the soda was gone.
Since my session completed at 3:30 pm and I had to pack up my PC, I
never had a chance.

I am happy to say that I did get coffee and a sweet roll this morning
before attending my first session.  I suspect many attendees may have
taken advantage of the Las Vegas entertainment opportunities and slept
in a little later this morning.

That’s it for now.  Keep collaborating!

This is written by Barry Markovic, Speaker at Collaborate 12. He is a Managing Principal Consultant with 30+ years experience in the IT industry including 7+ years Oracle Financials experience.

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