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Oracle R12 iSupport and Teleservices – Support Questions and Answers

Oracle R12 iSupport and Teleservices – Support Questions and Answers

During last month’s webcast “What’s New in Oracle Financials R12” we got the following question from Steve:

Has there been any updates to the SUPPORT functionality in R12? (Teleservice/iSupport)?

Although our workshop was focused on R12 Financialse, we’re happy to share the answer, which you can find below:

Oracle R12 iSupport:
Remote Support through Web-Collaboration
o Collaboration suite integration to share their desktops, utilizes a whiteboard, share presentations or documents in a view only mode, and engages in online chat. Enhanced Self-Service User Registration Capabilities
o Enhanced integration for iStore and iStupport for a single registration UI. Support for Contingent Workers to Report and Track their Issues Online
o In R12, iSupport allows the contingent worker to access and report service requests.

Reporting of Service Requests against Assets
o Enhacement with the integrations of iSupport with eAM, the employees can create, view, update, and search service requests referencing eAM assets.

Creation of Related Objects Links on Service Request Creation from Web
o iSupport service request pages can accept the values for the related object type and the related object id from the calling applications and create the service request – related object link on service request creation from iSupport.

Grouping of Service Request Types into Service Request Type Categories
o iSupport can include Service request type category to provide a more user friendly customer experience.

Association of Items or Item Categories with Service Request Types
o New setups pages have been provided that allow an administrator to define associations between service request types and item category or items. This association is utilized in iSupport to display only the list of products associated with that service request type.

Secure Enterprise Search Capability
o Oracle Secure Enterprise Search allows the users to search for unstructured content stored in external repositories such as files servers, in addition to the structured content stored in the Oracle Knowledge Management repository.

Support for HTML Service Request Notifications
o Administrators are able to define the notification content for the service request notifications to contacts listed on service request using the same configurability mechanism as currently being used for service request pages in iSupport.

Oracle R12 Teleservice:

Advanced Personalization
o Flexible configuration of the customer information in the Contact Center enables personalization of the user interface for B2C or B2B needs.

Enhanced Order Management
o This capability includes a new set of business functions (sub-tabs) within the Orders tab in the Contact Center.

Managing Products and Services
o Expanded Contact Center capabilities improve the efficiency of managing products and services in the Installed Base.Streamlining Service Request Creation via IVR
o This feature provides the ability to default the relevant information provided by the customer in the IVR into the Service Request tab to reduce call-handle times during the service request creation process.

Enhanced Dashboard Refresh (via Telephony)
o This reduces customer wait times by improving the performance of the screenpop of the Contact Center.

Flexible Dashboard Information Grouping
o The Custom Grouping in Dashboard based on Customer Information improves customer service by providing personalized information about individual customers.

Integration with Oracle Web Conferencing
o Oracle Contact Center integration with Oracle Web Conferencing allows agents to leverage web collaboration sessions for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Direct Integration with Third Party Telephony
o Oracle Contact Center direct integration with third party telephony systems allow the contact center screen pop without having to implement the Universal Work Queue for managing telephony.More information about enhancements in Oracle R12 iSupport and Teleservice can be found in the white papers “What’s New in Oracle CRM R12” which you can click here to download.In the event you missed last year’s webcast you can still register for this month’s webcast, “Rolling Out Oracle in China: Meeting the Localization Challenge,” by clicking here.