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Oracle R12 Upgrade vs. Reimplmentation Video

Oracle R12 Upgrade vs. Reimplmentation Video

R12 upgrade or migrate : Migration vs Re-Implementation“To be or not to be?” That used to be the question. Today, in the Oracle  landscape, being on R12 is the only option for companies who want to keep their Oracle E-Business solution competitive with the rest of the market.  If you’re an Oracle 11i user that is ready to make the switch to Oracle R12 or migrate, then the first question you must answer is:

Do I Migrate or Do I Reimplement?

But, how can you determine which Oracle R12 strategy is right for your company? Which are the elements to consider? Which benefits does each option bring?

Of course, there is no simple answer for these issues. To help companies facing this questions get started on a solution, IT Convergence has developed this video that provides insight into some of the main variables and key indicators that will set you on the path to Oracle R12 success:

Video: On the Road to R12: Migration vs Re-Implementation

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