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Oracle SOA 12c: Another Half Dozen Burning Questions

Oracle SOA 12c: Another Half Dozen Burning Questions
Last month’s webcast “Simplify Multichannel Integration with Oracle SOA Suite 12c,” was a tremendous success in part due to the contributions of Oracle’s Robert Wunderlich to whom we extend our thanks again.

A robust Q and A followed the webcast, and it fact it went on so long that that the entire transcript was too big for a single webcast!

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We took the liberty and poetic license of labeling the first part of the transcript “A Dirty Dozen Questions on Oracle SOA 12c You Need Answered, but Feared to Ask…. And you can click here if to read it now.

We’re simply calling this one “Oracle SOA 12c: Another Half Dozen Burning Questions”

1. In the demo you presented, REST (proxy) is calling BS( SOAP)…will such kind of design leads to performance issues for Mobile integrations? as SOAP is heavy weight protocol.

While any translation comes at some processing cost, the ability to leverage existing API , and to provide multiple interfaces for the same back-end service is a huge value for organizations.  Coupled with the management, monitoring and caching that comes out of the box Oracle Service Bus, customers can achieve exceptional performance and scalability along with reuse.

2. Any highlight features on Oracle B2B 12c?

MFT (Managed file transfer) is tightly integrated with Oracle B2B and that is a major enhancement in Oracle SOA 12c.

3. Is EM 12c  a separate license or integrated with SOA?

Enterprise Manager’s license is bundled with your Oracle SOA suite license.

4.  Can we delete stuck threads without bouncing the server in Oracle SOA12c?

Thread-dumps help in diagnosing the underlying issue causing stuck-threads to allow the code to be corrected.  To clear the threads will require a restart.

5.  Can you throw more light on cloud integration – SFDC… do you use any specific middle layer for performance & tuning?

Please plan to join us on Friday September 19th for our webcast on ERP-SFDC Integration via Oracle SOA Suite  as we’ll shed a lot of light on the subject. If you’re finding this page after the webcast has come and gone, then please click here to access all blog posts related to ERP-SFDC integration

6. Is there a direct upgrade from Oracle SOA Suite 10g to Oracle SOA Suite 12c or what is the recommended upgrade path ?

The upgrade path from SOA 10g to SOA 11g was a migration path that completely changed the underlying platform.  The upgrade that takes you from SOA 11g to SOA 12c is much smoother, as there are no fundamental changes to the underlying platform.  Therefore, we strongly advise customers to complete their Oracle SOA 10g to Oracle SOA 11g migration first, so that they’ll be able to perform the manual steps and to fully validate their code before moving on to SOA Suite 12c.

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