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Extend e-commerce Capabilities with Oracle SOA/B2B Q & A

Extend e-commerce Capabilities with Oracle SOA/B2B Q & A
Oracle SOA, eCommerce with Oracle SOA

On Friday July 25th IT Convergence was proud to join forces with Oracle Corporation to co-host the webcast “Extend e-commerce Capabilities with Oracle SOA/B2B.” As always, we’re happy to provide a full transcript of the webcast Q and A section.

What would be the best practice for receiving an EDI and send it to EBS? EDI 850, B2B, SOA, EBS adapter, EBS?

For inbound EDIs, once an EDI document is received from your trading partner using ftp/AS2 protocols (it can be a Purchase order or Sales Order), the B2B engine validates the document and posts the messages into B2B Queues. You can have SOA Suite as an integration layer to consume the message from B2B queues and enrich the data by adding additional information and pass it on to Oracle EBS by inserting PO/SO data into Oracle Staging tables. Another option could be calling Oracle Seeded Purchase Order API/Sales Order API from SOA Layer.

For Outbound EDIs, extracting the data from EBS is challenging and it depends on client specific requirements, a few customers prefer AQ’s or Business events.

Has B2B been enhanced to support more than three xpath data elements?

Oracle still has support for three xpath expressions and values. They are looking at expanding this.

Is Oracle MFT compatible with Oracle R12.1.3?

Oracle MFT (Managed File Transfer ) is basically transporting files, so if you want to use MFT to connect to EBS directly, you’d drop the file on a shared file system or FTP that EBS has access to. So it would be compatible in that way.

Is there a reason why Oracle EBS 12.1 web services for Sales Orders takes 7 minutes to add a 5 line Sales Order?

This really depends on several details, and we should look at this issue case by case. There are multiple factors to analyze before we can provide an answer – though we can say that ideally it will be faster to create a Sales Order in Oracle using oracle seeded API’s.

Has Oracle SOA B2B been enhanced to support the prioritization of transactions?

Oracle has this on their roadmap for the future, but it has not been implemented yet.

Is Oracle EBS adapter the same as Oracle Apps Adapter?

Yes, EBS adapter is the same as Oracle Apps Adapter. Regarding the operation of the EBS adapter – once you connect with the EBS adapter, automatically it will create an operation – it’s a standard process.

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