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Oracle Solutions for Brazil: Power Points Available

Oracle Solutions for Brazil: Power Points Available

“A nossa sede quer implantar o ERP Oracle aqui no Brasil… Ótimo!… Mas… Como vamos começar?”

For those of you who are not fluent in Portuguese, the quote above is something you’d be likely to hear if you were a fly-on-the wall in an IT managers meeting in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Roughly translated, the question asks, “Now headquarters wants us to implement Oracle here in Brazil. That’s great, but where do we get started?”

As a member of the BRIC group, Brazil has one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic markets. And Oracle can be a powerful asset to both rapidly expanding Brazilian firms and multinationals who are doing business there.

But implementing Oracle in Brazil comes with its challenges. To fully integrate Oracle to meet local reporting requirements, you have an entire series of CEB (Complemento Estatutário Brasileiro) interfaces that need to be installed. And then you have to integrate that with the third party EBSI system.

It is not simple, but it isn’t impossible either as the recent webcasts hosted by IT Convergence reveal.

IT Convergence hosted two webcasts on implementing Oracle in Brazil this spring, one in English, the other in Portuguese.

In the event that you missed those webcasts, you can still download the Power Points from the Executive Highlights section of the IT Convergence Website.

To download the Power Point to either “Successfully Deploying Oracle in Brazil” or “Um Roteiro Para Implementar Com Sucesso O Erp Oracle No Brasil” simply click here to visit our Executive Highlights page.