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Oracle Solutions for Brazil Webcast

Oracle Solutions for Brazil Webcast

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This Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 8:00am EST / 11:00am PST, IT Convergence will host a webcast titled ‘Successfully Rollout Oracle in Brazil’ which will be directed to IT Managers, DBAs, Project Managers and Representatives. The goal is to share insight relating to Oracle Projects from all over the U.S., Brazil and Europe.

This webcast in meant to help understand the power of Oracle as a business tool, even though some unique challenges exist if you’re deploying it in Brazil. We know that a successful Oracle Implementation in Brazil is not a simple process; however these challenges should not stop any organization from taking advantage of these state of the art business solutions.

A successful rollout not only allows you to meet the challenges but gives you the chance to convert each challenge into an asset. Oracle’s Rollout enables high levels of governance and control, required for every company doing business abroad. Your Latin America rollout should be carefully planned, taking business decisions in advance and relying on experienced partners.

To overcome those challenges join our Webcast, and learn how to deploy Oracle for Brazil.
During this webcast you’ll get insights and best practices on successfully managing an Oracle E-Business Suite deployment in Brazil.

Multinational companies will learn about experiences on applying strategies for dealing with the Complemento Estatutário Brasileiro (CEB) and the EBSI, for E-Business Suite Integration.
Brazilian users of Oracle Applications need to utilize CEB products to implement a system that fully adheres to Brazilian fiscal, financials, and accounting requirements.
The EBSI identifies the complementary modules for Brazilian software companies and these products are not necessarily related to Brazilian statutory requirements. Their focus is usually business requirements such as Fiscal Books, IN68, COMEX among others.

Oracle Champions from IT Convergence will share tips for understanding and incorporating legislative economic and cultural factors into your project plan will also be shared as well as questions related to managerial and functional issues.

A Roadmap for Successful Oracle Rollouts in Brazil on April 28, 2010at 8:00 am PST/ 11:00 am EST

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