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Oracle Tutor and UPK – The Antidote for Documentation Woes

Oracle Tutor and UPK – The Antidote for Documentation Woes

“How am I supposed to do this again?”

It’s a classic situation. One of your employees leaves the company and the rest of the team is left in the dark.
Are you fed up with losing hours of your precious time looking for the right piece of information on how to perform a certain task? But does the thought of the word “documentation” alone make you want to cry?

You can now choose to keep your employees’ tacit knowledge within the company.
The key to success is to combine your business processes, procedures, online help and simulations into a common asset for staff. Robust, dynamic, interactive reference and learning materials will empower your staff.

But how does one create such a comprehensive on-line manual for any process or task to be performed? By using Oracle Tutor and UPK.

Oracle’s Tutor and UPK tools enable you to produce dynamic documentation that strengthens the effectiveness of your Oracle solution from end-to-end, while simultaneously complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

And the best of it all is that one of the interesting upcoming workshops organized by the Oracle Applications User Group and IT Convergence regards this exact topic.

The next workshop on the topic is called “Documentation and Compliance with Oracle Tutor and UPK” and will be held from the 10th till the13th of May in the center of San Francisco.

This workshop will help you jumpstart your documentation effort by teaching you how to plan your documentation and training simulation creation. An experienced Oracle instructor will teach you to how to create a plan, determine the resources needed, and establish guidelines, standards and conventions to maintain consistency throughout your organization.

By the end of this course participants will know how to install and use the features of Oracle Tutor Author, Tutor Publisher, and the UPK tools. They will also be able to create reusable eLearning simulations and test scripts.

As a result, documentation of your processes will comply with regulations such as SOX and ISO, and your employees will be able to transform process information into robust reference manuals and interactive training materials.

Sounds amazing, right? If you are interested in the workshop Documentation and Compliance with Oracle Tutor and UPK, please click here or call 1-800-675-0032 ext 2295 to register.

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