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Oracle Tutor – An Inclusive Documentation Solution

Oracle Tutor – An Inclusive Documentation Solution

Often times, global organizations perform the same functions completely differently depending on department or locale, and this makes it difficult to maintain consistency. Consistency is a goal that we all strive for, but how do we get there?

This blog entry talks about on using Oracle Tutor as a documentation tool for creating all company related documentation. That’s right, Tutor can be used to document all kinds of business process, not just Oracle-related ones. Oracle Tutor provides a way to standardize business processes, procedures and policies across your organization. Documenting your processes and procedures can help to put standards in place to have cohesive processes performed regardless of location or department.

Oracle Tutor provides document templates with best business practices for you and your team to use as a baseline starting point for your documentation effort. You will then modify those to meet your business needs. The final output will result in either MS Word or HTML documents that can be used individually or as a desk manual based on role. Other reference materials can be linked within the documents to provide a complete manual. Oracle Tutor can also build training materials for your on-going learning efforts as well as allow you to modify Oracle on-line help files for a customized window help.

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