Oracle UPK 12.1.2 Questions from Our Audience

This week we had our webcast “What’s New in UPK 12.1.2?” and we took some live questions from our audience. For the benefit of those who weren’t there, today we bring you a transcript.

Is UPK 12.1.2 compatible with Office 365?
The official word from Oracle regarding Windows 10 is that it’s not fully supported yet. We have done some testing internally and have found that a lot of UPK features work well, but others, particularly Content ID recording, where there are issues. At this point, our advice is that if you can avoid the upgrade to Windows 10, hold off on that.

How big are the Record It files? Can they be saved in another file type?
The Record It files vary in size according to the number of frames, and if you record with sound or not. Essentially they are the same size as if you were to create a topic file in UPK. Generally speaking, unless you are making 1,000+ frames, they are a size that you can email. Regarding the file type, no, it’s the only type available. The only thing you can do with this file is import it in the UPK Developer or open in inside the Record It editor. To convert it to other format you’ll have to publish it in UPK.

Can you explain how to access the pre-built content from various applications?
The pre-built content is not automatically available through UPK, it needs to be purchased from Oracle and imported into the UPK library.

Can you add frames using Record It mode?
You can record additional frames with the Record It mode, but it was designed for the one-shot automatic. So the best practice is generally to re-record in one shot if you have trouble, because the editing features in this mode are very stripped down, it’s not like the UPK Developer.

Does the Record It mode connect to the UPK library?
No, it does not. Once you record a topic in this mode, it is saved to a directory (be it your machine, a shared server on an intranet, etc.) There’s no direct connection to the library – even though it is one of the most sought after people lately.

Is in-application support only available for Oracle EBS or can we use it for other applications?
The full Oracle Applications suite is supported, also People Soft, JD Edwards, Agile, Primavera, Hyperion, SAP and other large enterprise software too. Also, any other HTML based application is supported.

What is the cost to upgrade to the Service Pack 2?
The Service Pack 1 and 2 are free upgrades for anyone who is on version 12 of UPK. It’s a good way o get great added features and the standard patches and bug fixes. It’s a zero cost opportunity with many upsides.