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5 Advantages of Implementing UPK Early In the Project Lifecycle

5 Advantages of Implementing UPK Early In the Project Lifecycle
Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is used in many organizations for the creation of end user training materials.  As the “Go Live ” stage of an ERP project approaches closer and closer organizations will often scramble and try to find a budget for training.

While regarding ERP training as an extra or a “nice to have” is a mistake, the attitude is a fact of life in a lot of organizations which Functional leads and ERP Project Managers must deal with.

Fortunately, UPK lets organizations create training content in a fraction of time and with substantially less effort that other methods.  While UPK still complies with its intended purpose when implemented near the end of a project lifecycle, if you wait that long you are missing out on many of the additional values that UPK provides:

1) Don’t create training content at the end, let it be created.

By implementing UPK early in an ERP project, you disperse the cost of the training creation content to be dispersed throughout the projects life-cycle. Rather than having to scramble at the end, business processes will be recorded as they are developed and implemented.

2) System Process Documentation

As you go through blueprinting, design, testing, maintenance, or upgrades System Process Documents allow for everyone on your team to be on the same page.  When everyone understands and agrees on how a process is supposed to run, confusion and miss-communication will be eliminated.

3) Fit Gap Activities

UPK’s outputs can help your team to compare best business practices with current ones to identify gaps. In an ERP upgrade, you can use system process documents to identify functional differences between the application versions.

4) Test Scripts

Test Scripts can be used to expedite the design and testing phases, as well as, provide support for system testing during maintenance stage of the project life-cycle, as well as, during upgrades.

5) Translation and working with foreign languages 

UPK has translation capabilities that can automatically generate translated template text, as well as quickly translate the custom text through a process called “Localization.”  When the application is in a foreign language, UPK has the Re-record feature that shows step by step which steps have to be recorded in order to match with the already translated screen text.

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