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Using Pre-Assessments in Oracle User Productivity Kit Professional

Using Pre-Assessments in Oracle User Productivity Kit Professional
One of the key points when creating effective eLearning content is to identify the exact training requirements for your organization. Among other considerations, the idea is to spot the unique skill gaps in your workforce, and be able to provide the type of intervention that gets them up to the desired skill and performance level.

One common challenge is having to train employees with different skill levels: some of them may be new to the subject matter, while others are already familiar with some (or all) of the information you are trying to present.

In many cases, organizations still make all users go through entire eLearning courses and assessments before they can take a final test and pass it. This can be a major source of employee frustration. For the skilled employees, having to click through the sessions which contain information they already know is demotivating.  This also discourages a potential positive learning experience for the material they do need to learn.

From a financial perspective, think about this scenario: a company with 1,000 employees, each spending an estimate of 10 hours a year having to attend training sessions on topics they already master, with a ball park figure of a $50 per hour compensation. This would represent partial losses of at least $500,000 for your company, not to mention extra losses due to lost productivity and low morale.

One strategy avoid this pitfall to make sure your employees are receiving the exact training content that they need is to have pre-assessments at the beginning of each training activity.

In Oracle UPK Knowledge Center Professional (Knowledge Center: User And 
Content Management ), pre-assessments record your users’ baseline knowledge prior to viewing the content. A pre-assessment can be optionally set as a non- required activity, to give the user a choice to take the assessment or go through all the content directly. When setting up a pre-assessment in a UPK Knowledge Path, your UPK team can designate a place-out score.

After users take the pre-assessment, they can switch to personalized content based on the assessment results. The personalized content includes only the content that was failed.  When a user’s pre-assessment score meets or exceeds the place out score, the content associated with the assessment is marked as completed and the user can bypass the subject matter and proceed to the next activity.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all training strategy for every industry and every company size. But if your company has a large number of employees with different training requirements, now may be a good time to rethink your eLearning approach and analyze the potential benefits of using UPK  Professional.Put Oracle UPK’s Pre-Assessments to Work for You!

Interested in finding out more about using UPK Pre-Assessments to identify the exact training requirements that your organization needs? Visit ITC’s UPK mini site  page here. Another thing consider doing is registering for our September 12th webcast “Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) & User Productivity Kit (UPK) Testing Solution.” to learn UPK capabilities beyond training. Click here to register and reserve your spot now!