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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 UPK Encore: Q and A

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 UPK Encore: Q and A
IT Convergence’s recent “Oracle OpenWorld 2013 UPK Encore” webcast was a smashing success. As we always do, we’re happy to post a full transcript of the webcast Q and A session.

Q: It seems like the Record It mode is available as an additional feature on the Client machine.  Does this require its own named User license? 

Yes. It is basically a developer license. You have to have a developer license to use it; it’s not a separate license, not an end user license.

Q: Is UPK Test It mode only available in the professional edition?

No, it’s in both in the standard and the professional editions. It’s available in 11.1. You can find it when you publish in the player package, on the “player on LMS”, in the right hand side of properties there’s a checkbox that says “create Test It mode”.

Q: Does Oracle have a document that could assist an organization in justifying the purchase of UPK?

No, there isn’t a document on this per se, but we are planning a webcast dedicated to this entire topic.

Q: Does selecting “skip” result in Test It mode showing as a failure.

Yes. If you skip it, it’s marked as fail. We’re currently research a way to alter this configuration. Feel free to contact us for an update.

Q: I noticed a poll that 63% percent of attendees have UPK but use it sporadically. What are your thoughts on this?

UPK is typically sold with an application, and sometimes it gets thrown in as part of an application deal. So it’s not looked at as a great tool that brings many benefits, but as a tool that can help with the training of that other application. UPK has been sitting on the shelf for the past 5 to 8 years as part of those application deals, and now organizations are hearing more and more about it, projects are growing and people are using it for non-Oracle applications, testing and other things.

A lot of times an upgrade is the reason for increasing the efforts around UPK, but in the budget approval it gets cut. Now we are seeing that large companies such as Emerson and GE have been using UPK as part of their standard rollout projects with excellent results.

Q: If you publish the play file on your corporate LMS, how do you license the user side?

The licensing is for anyone who will take training. Whether you publish it to an LMS or not will not matter, it’s just about having enough licenses from and end-user perspective that are going to be accessing that content.

Q: When you capture in UPK, how do you handle HIPAA issues? How do you exclude names or Social Security Numbers?

With UPK you do have the editor, and some organizations will use Snag It or Paint to edit. There’s another tool that works well, it’s called R-UPK. It’s an authoring tool that works with UPK and helps streamline and mask a lot of data.

Q: If you record a process for testing, can you use that recording for your end-user training? 

Yes. But from a training perspective, you really need to think about the less educated users, the end-user experience and cater the training content in order to maximize adoption. So we would recommend putting in more instructions and design components in terms of explanations, learning objectives, because people learn in different ways and you want to cater to a broader audience.

Q: We are on an old version of UPK and I need to put together a case for an upgrade. Is there a list of new features and benefits between older versions and 11.1? 

Yes, please simply click here to fill out our contact us form and we’ll send you the information.

Q: Were there any significant announcements at Open World related to UPK?  I believe your last webinar suggested something was coming in the roadmap.

Contrary to expectations, there were no “big” releases or major announcements.

Q: What was the other software that was used with the TC output format? 

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS), HP Quality Center also called ALM or HPQC and IBM rational.

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