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Ten Advantages of Choosing Oracle UPK

Ten Advantages of Choosing Oracle UPK
 ERP directors, IT project managers and/or functional leads who are looking for an end-to-end solution to creating training documents, test scripts and UAT documentation should look no further than Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) solution.  

The Oracle UPK tool is an invaluable solution that  is designed help organizations capture, retain, and disseminate critical organizational process knowledge to ensure the success of your enterprise applications, accelerate user adoption and prepare your organization to be productive from day one. UPK does all this by transforming a single-source solution into multiple output formats.

There are several simulation software solutions in the market with interesting features, but  Oracle UPK is far superior. Oracle UPK sets itself apart because it enables customers to create online and paper-based documentation, training, and application support materials, providing value throughout the application lifecycle.

Ten Advantages of Oracle UPK

1. Multiple playback methods from a single data source 
Oracle UPK has the ability to allow your team to record simulations once and play them back using various modes such as:

  • “See-it” mode, where the UPK player performs in a video playback format
  • Try-it” mode, where end-users have a more interactive experience with the recorded environment
  • “Know-it” mode, which assesses end-user competency
  • “Do-it” mode, which can help end-users from an in-application support perspective
  • “Test-it” mode, only available in the latest UPK release,  which accelerates the testing cycle by providing simulations that guide users through a test plan and help them document issues

Each of these playback modes is useful for a variety of scenarios, and they can be used for training and review purposes.

2. Multiple Outputs from a Single Data Source
Different customers have different requirements, and the UPK tool provides an answer for all of them thanks to its capability of generating different outputs such as Test documents, Business process documents, Test scripts and Training guides, all from the same data source. The development of materials is done from a single source but the output can be customized to suit your customers’ needs. This makes the tool very flexible and capable of handling almost any requirement that your customers may have.

3. Context ID recognition
During the recording of simulations, UPK has the capability of recording the context ID of each frame that is recorded. This is particularly useful in that it makes it easy to integrate into the Help menu. When the UPK recordings are integrated into the Help menu, they are universally accessible and the context IDs allow for the recorded topics to be tied directly to the appropriate help menus.

4. Translation and Localization Capabilities
The UPK tool is capable of translating into 22 languages with a simple publishing action switch. These templates even deal with the tricky business of using gender-based translations.

5. Training Scalability
Customers that have a nation-wide operation and need to roll out training on a wide scale will find the UPK tool most ideal. The developed training material is integrated in the help menu makes it easier to roll out training to all users nationwide. The costs of delivering training using Oracle UPK are considerably lower than those of delivering classroom training for a large user base scattered around the country.

6. Evaluations
Oracle UPK can also be used for testing users before granting them access to the new environment. The scoring ability of the tool is not mandatory, but it can be utilized to ensure that users have a thorough understanding of the  environment and processes by means of generating a Pass/Fail score at the end of each simulation.

7. Facilitates End-User Adoption 
Whether the customer is upgrading or implementing an application, UPK adds value in all phases of the software ownership lifecycle. Since the knowledge transfer process is made much easier by using UPK, this tool creates an environment where the user community is keener on accepting and adopting newly implemented solutions.

8. Reduction in Development Costs
The development and upgrading of materials can be a costly exercise. However, this is not the case with the UPK tool, since it provides a single source of content.  Additionally, in most cases the Subject matter experts (SME’s) can review topics and add author notes, making content contribution easier across the business.

9. Full feature sound recordings 
With full feature sound recording, editing, and playback capabilities, UPK enables content developers to create engaging conceptual and transactional content. Users usually find environment simulations with audio to be more engaging, and this facilitates greater knowledge retention.

10. Integration with Standard Learning Management Systems
In order to meet your learning management needs, content can also be imported directly into a learning management system such as SAP Learning Solution and Saba Learning Suite. UPK is SCORM-compliant, so content developed with UPK can be imported into LMS.

There are several other benefits and advantages of the UPK tool such as a streamlined design, multi-user development environment, versioning and status. The above ten are just a few of the multiple reasons to choose UPK over any other simulation software.  Oracle UPK is the quintessential simulation tool and is setting a new higher standard in content development, which allows users to view content and increase efficiency with their enterprise applications.

Interested in Learning More about UPK’s Advantages?

For more information on Oracle UPK, visit IT Convergence’s UPK mini-site, or contact one of our UPK representatives to request a UPK Demo.

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