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Q and A on Improving ERP End-User Adoption with UPK

Q and A on Improving ERP End-User Adoption with UPK
Despite a few technical difficulties, our November webcast “Improve End-User Adoption with Oracle UPK” was an outstanding success.

As always, we’re happy to provide a complete copy of the Q and A Transcript here.

Will Oracle UPK allow video recording of training, along with audio?

If you are referring to recording the simulations and either record audio with that or bring in audio outside of UPK at a later date, then yes. Also, if it’s creating video outside of UPK and bringing it in, wrap it to a topic (it can be a hyperlink introduction or at a frame level) it can be done as well.

Has any pharmaceutical or biotech industry used the Oracle UPK, and has it been validated to meet FDA requirements?

ITC has  worked with many biotech industries, and I’m 98% sure that it’s been validated for clinical trial systems, electronic beta capture and different health care and quality insurance systems. This is something that we’ll have to double validate.

How do we get audio on Oracle UPK? What about tracking, recording and scoring in LMS (Learning Management Systems)?

Audio is within the UPK developer itself, at the bottom. After you finish a recording of an UPK topic you take it to the editor, and there at the bottom, where you see the frames, there is a button called “Sound Editor”. By clicking it you can do the sound recording and editing in the product itself. Otherwise, if you recorded audio outside of UPK, you will be able to bring it in with an import feature.

Oracle UPK does have a component that does tracking, hosting and scoring, called the Knowledge Center (starting in version 11.0 – in lower Pro versions it was called Usage Tracking.) The Knowledge Center is kind of a light, self service Learning Management System where people can go in and everything can be tracked, you can run reports, do scoring and host those curricula courses. If you are referring to another LMS, if it supports scoring compliant outputs, UPK produces scoring 1.2 and 1.3 outputs that can be packaged and uploaded to the LMS. Even though scoring is not an exact science, all the organizations I’ve worked with have been able to track upload UPK scoring into their LMS.

What is the effort required to develop training material during an ERP upgrade project for a client of about 9,000 users?

The number of users wouldn’t necessarily drive the effort; it’s more related to how much content and topics are needed at a transactional level.

On average, a topic takes 30 to 50 frames. An UPK frame is measured in screens and actions. So if I’m on a screen and click a link, that’s two frames. That being said, the average to create a UPK topic (a robust one, with explanation frames, images, learning objectives) is 8 hours. That includes the initial discovery, the subject matter expert and the review phase. Here at IT Convergence it takes us about 4 to 6 hours because we have full-time dedicated consultants in my team (23 UPK consultants in the US, 5 in Latin  America, 3 in India, and 5 in China),  so we do faster and jump from one completed UPK project to the next one.

Do we have to build an interface for UPK to talk to HP Quality Center? How user friendly is it to import test scripts into HP QC from UPK?

With Oracle UPK there’s an output called Test Case, which is an excel sheet, that can be customized. For example you can tweak a little the coding in the back to make sure the parameters you need are set up in the HP Quality Center . If you don’t have any custom parameters set in the HP QC, when you upload the excel sheet, you will need to make an first effort to match the columns and headers. Once you set the initial foundation for setting up imports of test scripts, the process is not that difficult. It’s literally a matter of a few upfront clicks and efforts, and if there are some customization of parameters you will need to do a little bit more to customize the output.

If audio is imported, how do we make sure it is consistent with each frame? 

In the Sound Editor of UPK developer, you can see the sound on a frame by frame basis, and you can move it, stretch it, and delete it within the tool itself.

Why isn’t there pre-built content available for UPK 11i?

It is available, but it doesn’t come directly with the product, you need to purchase it from Oracle.

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