6 Benefits of Testing with Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)


Oracle UPK

Regardless of whether you’re deploying Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel or even SAP, rigorous testing is crucial to the success of an ERP implementation.

ERP Testing is arguably the most important step in the enterprise applications’ lifecycle.

Oracle UPK and Oracle UPK Professional bring significant benefits to the testing phase of the software implementation life cycle:

1)    Integration with ERP Testing Suites

Oracle UPK and UPK Professional integrate with test management software suites such as Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS), IBM Rational, and HP Quality Center.  Users are able to leverage Oracle UPK’s recording technology to capture transactional procedures in their applications and publish them as test documents. These documents can then be imported into any of the testing suites listed above. ERP testers can guide their manual testing efforts with UPK outputs such as Test cases, Test documents, and the UPK Test It! mode.

2)    Reduction in Time to Execute User Acceptance Testing

Oracle UPK and UPK Professional offer in-application testing support. By leveraging this feature, User Acceptance Testers can access window-specific support to find answers to their questions faster than ever before. Having the in application support also provides testers with frame-by-frame instructions to quickly navigate the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) instructions and execute their testing.

3)    Standardization of ERP Testing Processes

By using UPK and UPK Professional to create testing material, you can provide a standardized framework for current and future testing. Having testing materials with the same look and feel across multiple applications will increase efficiency throughout the testing process.

4)    Reduction in Time to Develop Testing Materials

Using Oracle UPK and UPK Professional to create testing materials offers proven time savings of up to 60% compared to creating the materials manually. Using UPK’s recording technology you can create multiple outputs including test scripts, application processes and other test documents with a single recording session.  The recording gives you the ability to capture instructions step-by-step in real time, which also ensures that testing procedures are documented accurately.

Oracle UPK

5)    Ease of Creating Defect Reports

Documenting defects during UAT is handled in Oracle UPK’s Test It! mode. A tester can automatically generate text for the steps necessary to recreate the issue in a defect report.

6)    Quality Assurance

Oracle UPK and UPK Professional utilize the Test It! mode as a tool for content review. Content reviewers can assess topics in the Test It! player and provide frame-by-frame feedback. Test Step Notes can be utilized to instruct content developers on how to resolve the issues facing the testers.

There are many advantages to using Oracle UPK for User Acceptance Testing and there are many features of UPK’s Test It! mode that are beneficial to the testing process. Functions such as the Test Step Notes editor can be published along with other player modes to create a simulated environment for testers to review testing materials prior to running the procedures through the live environment. To find out how Oracle UPK and UPK Professional can help you reduce time and costs associated with User Acceptance Testing or other Educational needs, please visit IT Convergence’s UPK mini-site, or contact one of our UPK representatives to request a UPK free demo or health check.

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