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Taking Training Mobile and Making It Fun – Using UPK on iPads

Taking Training Mobile and Making It Fun – Using UPK on iPads
In an increasingly mobile world, the use of tablets has not only become a stable of private consumers, table use in business is growing rapidly in the business world. Whether updating spreadsheets on your notebook, checking emails on your smartphone, or organizing your schedule on the go from your iPad, there are numerous choices of hardware to get business done. To capitalize on the functionality of portable devices, Oracle User Productivity Kit or simply UPK now offers compatibility with iPads.

As businesses research training solutions, too often they forget about making the deliver of training versatile and adaptable as your workforce. Leveraging UPK allows businesses to help make training and learning for their workforce a more pleasant and individualized user-friendly experience.

Since the UPK Player is now optimized for play back on iPads  for the See It! Mode, Try It! Mode, and Print It! Mode, multiple end-users can review materials at any moment on their personal devices. This provides an easier and  more practical way to access new content and lessons. Many end-users will be enthusiastic about being able to use their iPad side-by-side with more traditional workstation hardware.
 A perfect scenario would see an analyst working on a new procedure who gets stuck on a specific step that he or she forgot. Now the analyst can simply look at their iPad to review the appropriate material without disrupting their screen or workflow on their workstation.

The hands-on and tactile interface of the iPad environment will help liven up training materials. By using an iPad to view materials in Print It! mode will help businesses that are going green by reducing the amount of paper normally needed for physical job aids. End-users will also benefit from not having to deal with the clutter and storage space needed to organize traditional print-outs or binders of documentation by instead having everything accessible to them with the ease of a few swipes on their iPad.

If you are looking for a smart and progressive way to provide training and documentation,  utilizing the UPK Player on iPads is definitely the way to go!

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