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AZZ Uses Oracle UPK to Integrate Processes, Mitigate Translation Risks During Global Expansion

AZZ Uses Oracle UPK to Integrate Processes, Mitigate Translation Risks During Global Expansion
AZZ  provides hot-dip galvanizing services for the steel fabrication market, manufactures electrical equipment and components, and works in the power generation, transmission and distribution, and markets. The company has  44 facilities in the US and Canada employing over 3,000 people across 17 states and 3 provinces.

Need to Bring New Acquisitions onto a Global ERP Platform

Embarking on an aggressive expansion strategy, AZZ is growing 20% annually mostly through acquisitions. AZZ integrates the acquired sites into their global Oracle E-Business Suite platform, which means the company has to incorporate both staff and processes to streamline both local and global management globally. To accurately and thoroughly document these processes and to mitigate transition risks AZZ chose Oracle UPK as their business process documentation tool AZZ partnered with ITC to document the processes with UPK and to facilitate the transition.

More specifically, AZZ needed to incorporate the personnel and processes from the acquired companies into AZZ system, overcome the translation challenges caused by acquisitions, and provide  employees with a quick reference source that would allow them to quickly identify and clarify business process steps without losing productivity.

With help from ITC’s UPK consultants AZZ successfully documented standardized processes in their new facilities developing materials that are meaningful to end-users. The implementation of UPK and the tailored approach helped end-users adapt more quickly and efficiently, reducing the risks associated with acquisition and systems integration. Another benefit consisted in the adaptation of UPK materials as a reusable training tool for other AZZ facilities.

With Oracle UPK, AZZ reduced both the  risks and costs associated integrating new facilities and new employees into their Oracle E-Business solution.  These reductions of risks and costs took the form of  smoother translation process experienced in subsequent  acquisitions, enhanced end-user adaption and improved on-demand training support.

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