Oracle’s Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service: Your Questions, Answered

April 4, 2016

Last week we had our webcast: “Modernized Financial Reporting for EBS with Oracle’s Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service” where Oracle’s very own David Haimes walked us through this revolutionary solution for Cloud reporting. Today we bring you the transcript of the Q&A session where David took some live questions from the audience.

Who are the normal users of Oracle’s Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS)?

First and foremost, the users are the finance department, who want real-time, interactive reporting; particularly financial analysts. But it goes outside of the finance department, particularly for executives –  for instance, if you send budget vs. actual reports, now you can give them access to live reports where they can have more interactive views.

What is on the roadmap for future enhancements to FAHRCS?

We’re doing many usability and UI enhancements, so we will certainly continue on that road. We are also looking at supporting public sector customers, and also expanding the capabilities to match those of the EBS financial accounting hub.

What version of Oracle EBS do we need to be on?

We support all the R12.2 releases, and 12.1.3 onwards are certified. We do have a customer running on R12.1.2, but it’s not certified –we don’t do Q&A and testing on anything below 12.1.3.

What is the streaming interval of data? Can it be adjusted by the customer?

Yes, it can be adjusted to every hour, day, a minute if you wish. It really depends on how often you’re posting. If you have an auto-post once an hour, you can schedule it to run after that, and this will take care of everything, and you can also push it on demand if you’re late to the cycle.

I’m on 12.0.4. Can you also load forecasts along with budget?

We don’t bring the budget data from EBS over, because the structure and version are very different. You have to extract them from the EBS report, get it to excel and load them. It’s not very difficult but it is a task worthy of getting a partner.

Is there a way for migrating Hyperion data into FAHRCS?

There’s not an out-of-the-box solution from taking historic data into it, but you can use the same interface as the one to migrate data from GL.

What about migrating OBIEE data?

You can’t, but not sure why you would – in OBIEE the data is pulled from somewhere else already, do it might be better to push it directly into FAHRCS.

Why don’t you send the end user security module into Oracle’s Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service?

The security is different, so it’s high risk to send it directly. So you go and explicitly set all the users you would want to have access. It uses similar concepts for EBS, so it’s not difficult, but it’s a different UI to create users and assign security to.


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