Platform Knowledge Drop: Functional Application Managed Services

IT Convergence is creating a series of videos called Platform Knowledge Dropwhere our experts weigh in on everything from Oracle Applications to Cloud Analytics. Recently, Kim Bell, our Global Senior Director of Enterprise Business Solutions brought us some insight into Functional Application Managed Services, and what ITC can offer companies in need of support.

We’ll dive into a synopsis of her answers below, but for more detail, be sure to check out the full video here.

What is functional support and development?

Companies everywhere rely on applications to run their business every single day. When these systems don’t work as they’re supposed to, businesses need system or applications expertise to resolve these problems or implement new processes to provide the necessary functionality.

Functional support means correcting or implementing application configurations from within the application. Development is correcting or implementing configurations as a result of programming (typically done outside the application).

Why use a partner for that?

As with many IT issues, these problems often don’t happen frequently enough to justify full-time personnel on-hand to solve them, but can be devastating if not handled when they arise. Partnering with a company like IT Convergence means applications expertise at your fingertips when you need it, and keeping things at an affordable price point when you don’t.

The devil’s in the details. What are some examples of specific activities performed?

Support is classified into the tier of support necessary for resolving the problem. IT Convergence provides all levels of support: Tiers 1, 2, and 3.

Tier 1: Usually a recurring request, such as resetting an application password or re-running a program in e-Business Suite. Performed by the ITC staff according to your associated runbook.

Tier 2: The middle tier requires a bit more knowledge and experience, and generally includes tasks like resubmitting a pending transaction to assist in month end closures, researching and resolving known application bugs, or addressing root cause analysis and permanent resolution for recurring issues.

Tier 3: Requires a specific set of skills or level of expertise to address the most complex application and system issues. In addition to resolving problems, Tier 3 support may also include the development of new processes, reports, or functionality, or manage the implementation and testing of complex patches and fixes.

Our support staff at IT Convergence works together to drive incident resolution to the lowest tier possible, for the most efficient and cost-effective support.

Why do customers choose ITC (and stay with them) for these types of services?

Customers that choose IT Convergence as a partner can rest assured knowing that we’ll do anything we can to meet their needs while keeping down costs – and we can do a lot. ITC can provide onshore, nearshore, offshore onsite and hybrid solutions to cater to your company’s situation.

As a global company with 20 years of experience in the space, we’re exceptionally well-prepared to provide country-specific support for multinational corporations. We pride ourselves on our expertise and flexibility – and combining both to create the perfect solution for our customers.