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Introducing IT Convergence’s Project Management Office (PMO)

Introducing IT Convergence’s Project Management Office (PMO)
We all know that implementing or upgrading ERP systems is a complex affair. Major IT projects rely heavily on the timely, synched execution of a myriad of interdependent smaller projects. How can you ensure that your staff will remain focused and that internal communication will keep everyone on the same page?

Enter PMO. At IT Convergence we know the solution lies in Project Management Office. Today our USA Project Manager for PMO, Mark Casey, brings you an overview of our PMO offering and the benefits it can provide for your organization:

At IT Convergence we are leading global providers of Oracle Enterprise solutions. Since 1998 we have helped over 600 companies improve their business performance through our Consulting, Development & Testing, Education & UPK and Enterprise Cloud and Managed services. For more information on our PMO services, visit our website.

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