Questions on End user Adoption in Global Rollouts

Last week we had our webcast “Master End User Adoption in a Global Rollout” and we took some live questions from the audience. Today we bring you the transcript.

How do you handle the communication strategy during a global rollout to ensure a successful end user adoption?
During the porjects we’ve undertaken, many of them were so large that the communication was managed as a project itself by its own team or by the change management team of the overall project. What we have learned is that it’s important to have the communication go out at the right time and through different media. Sending an email message to your users is not enough: you’ll need to use other media such as the office board, or having a town hall meeting with the CFO or Controller, etc. Obviously, another important factor is counting on the support of the stakeholders and the higher management – having a CFO emphasize the importance of the training initiative makes the difference.

Regarding the reporting training, how should it be managed?
You can choose to use the reporting tools that are delivered with your training system, or Oracle UPK, or whatever you prefer. Reporting is very personal, so we suggest making a structure that fits your goals. You don’t have to report on all information, maybe just focus on the basics and what you’d like to accomplish with reporting.

How did you manage the cultural and language differences of the countries in your global rollout?
Throughout the project we interact a lot with people from all countries before we actually go out to meet them (gathering requirements, training logistics) so we get a sense of how they work and how they are beforehand. If you have the opportunity of going through the UAT phase, you can also learn how to handle the cultural challenges as well for when the project goes live.