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Reflections from Collaborate 12 in Las Vegas

Reflections from Collaborate 12 in Las Vegas
I am sitting in the conference room for the BI Publisher 11g Hands-On
session waiting for it to start.  I had been forewarned that it fills
up quickly and can believe that given there are only 20 laptops and
several thousand attendees.  I am hoping for a very informative

Yesterday, I did attend the 5 hour deep dive session “Oracle Business
Intelligence Application Journey”.  While I was familiar with many of
the basics, it was useful to hear 4 different speakers provide their
input on the various BI issues and challenges.  I did learn more about
newer topics such as Fusion BI and OBIEE for Exalytics.
It was also useful to hear about some of the planned new development
that is in the pipeline over the next 12-18 months. I will be
presenting my session on Migrating Discoverer to BI Publisher 11g and
co-presenting a session with Dana Wallace on Hierarchical Queries this
afternoon.  I will be much more relaxed after they are both completed.
I do have my first topic planned for presenting at Collaboration 13:
“Architecting an efficient Continental Breakfast for several thousand
conference attendees”

This morning, at Collaborate 12, there were 10-12 double sided coffee
stations which made for an very good overall throughput.  However,
there was only one morning roll station with limited space to store
the rolls.  They also ran out of rolls while many people were still
waiting to be served.  I was second in line to be served.  One would
think that with all of the technical expertise available at
Collaborate 12, a better breakfast architecture could have been
designed and implemented.  Someone must have decreased the project

That’s it for now.  Hope my presentations go well.

This is written by Barry Markovic, Speaker at Collaborate 12. He is a Managing Principal Consultant with 30+ years experience in the IT industry including 7+ years Oracle Financials experience.

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