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Do Not Panic! – There is a Way to Restore the Deleted UPK Document

Do Not Panic! – There is a Way to Restore the Deleted UPK Document

Have you ever deleted a document in Oracle UPK either by accident or on purpose only to discover later that it is useful after all?

  • Before you hit the panic button, you can restore a deleted document in UPK if it meets the following criteria:  

The document was under version control when it was deleted and it has not been purged by your administrator.

  1. Version Control – A document has been check-in to the server at least once after it was created. Note: This topic discusses restoring a deleted document from the Library in a multiuser environment).

If the above conditions are met, perform the following steps to locate the document:

  • From the Library:
  1. Select Deleted Documents from the View toolbar
  2. Locate and select the document(s) to restore
  • To restore a deleted document from the Library:
  1. Ensure that UPK is connected (online)
  2. Select the document to restore
  3. From the Edit menu, choose Restore
  4. The Related Documents dialog box may appear if the document has links to other documents. Choose to either restore only the selected document or all related documents.

The restored document has now been returned to its pre-deleted position in the Library and to its linked position in the Outline Editor, if applicable.

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