The Road to Your Oracle R12.2 Upgrade – Q&A

This week we had our webcast: “The Road to R12.2: How Offshore Can Be the Way to GO”, which focused on an alternative to make your Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade in the most cost-efficient way. Today we bring you a few questions from our live audience.

Do you recommend fixing the items on the 12.2 ADOP reports before or during the R12 upgrade?
Some violations on the ADOP compliance reports MUST be remediated before the upgrade in order to enable the 12.2 ADOP patching feature, while most can be resolved during the upgrade process.

How Long is a typical “Upgrade in a Box” Project?
It’s typically between 13 – 15 weeks.

Is there a way to tell what’s going to break before you upgrade?
Yes, there are 3rd party applications and you can do it manually, but neither method is 100% accurate. ITC has a CEMLI assessment utility which determines the impact of upgrading to R12.2 for each CEMLI.

How much does an “Upgrade in a Box” Project cost? to 12.2 just under $130K, 12.0 or 12.1 to 12.2 just under $90K

What if we have more than 1 language or currency, can we still do the “Upgrade in a Box” service?
Yes. But it may cost slightly higher. This is true if you have localizations, additional CEMLIs or anything outside the prerequisites for a typical “Upgrade in a Box” Project

What’s the approach to CEMLI Remediation testing when ITC is not responsible for the remediation?
In this case ITC provides functional testing services. The customer provides the test scripts. I also prefer to have access to the old instance, where the ITC tester can capture a image of the test results compared to the same test in the old instance.