Questions on Rollout Projects in Latin America

Recently we had our webcast: “Kick Starting Your Rollout Project in Latin America”, and our experts took some questions from our audience.

Today we bring you the transcript of this Q&A session.

Is it important to move from R12.1.3 to R12.2 before going to fusion? ­

We covered this issue in a webcast a few weeks ago – you can see it here.

There’s no path from EBS to Fusion, so EBS will continue to have new releases. Our suggestion is to evaluate the benefits of Oracle R12.2 besides support – we see a lot of value, a mix of technology improvements, new features and module functionality. So according each organization’s requirements, it’s worth looking into going to R12.2. We can provide demos on demand, so if you’d like to look further into this, feel free to contact us.

Do you have any experience in regional rollouts – specifically in terms of localizations?

Yes, we have plenty of experience dealing with localizations in many Latin America countries, including the most complex ones such as Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. We’ve been successfully implementing R12 in these and many other countries for years now. To check for references, we have many success stories you can review at our website.

For more information about our services for Latin America click here.