Simplify Your Cloud Integration Q&A

This week we had our webcast “Simplify Your Cloud Integration” and we had a couple of questions from the audience regarding licensing costs and necessary code skills. Today we bring you a transcript. If you missed the live presentation but would like to review it, you can always download the recording here.

What’s the cost of these solutions?
With solutions like Oracle SOA Suite, which are enterprise class solutions, have really strong tooling and tons of pre-built adapters available, the model is you purchase a large license up front, and you may also need to purchase application server licenses, database licenses to go with it, and there’s a support stream from there.

Oracle has now introduced a Platform as a Service integration tools. They are not as robust as the SOA Suite. WSO2 and other open source tools are much more like a SaaS solution- there’s a subscription cost. In the case of WSO2, it’s priced differently, based on the number of JDMS you have and the types of options you’re using. Most people feel they can get a solution at a lower cost with an open source platform, and this turns out to be correct.

Can you compare the necessary skills and how to leverage the solutions you mentioned?
For SOA Suite, there are a variety of tools, wizard driven capabilities and GUIs which can help you get people from other programming languages into SOA very quickly. We did this with a client recently, whose background was purely PS SQL, and who got working on SOA even quicker than we expected thanks in large part to the very user friendly tools which Oracle provides.

In the WSO2 side, the GUI is not that strong, but it all depends on the resources you have. Most companies nowadays have employees and Java programmers who are very familiar with open source and can pick up these tools very quickly as well.