4 Keys to Building a Successful Training Program for Your Sales Team

Sales are often considered the life force of an organization and are also the main target for continuous training programs. But how can you ensure that the time and budget invested in those training programs are providing the expected results?

Today we bring you the top four challenges managers face when training their sales teams, and how to overcome those challenges and ensure a high ROI.

Challenge 1: Turnover

Whether your organization is downsizing, leveling out or growing, turnover is an ever present challenge that managers need to prepare for.

Without an appropriate plan in place to document existing implicit information, as talent leaves an organization so will their knowledge. Similarly, without a plan to share that information in an engaging, cost effective and quick way, the onboarding process will be prolonged.

Challenge 2: Diversity

Sales teams are normally the most demographically diverse group within an organization; they come from different backgrounds and hold different degrees and expertise. Additionally, traditional classroom training might not be the most appropriate way of delivering an engaging session considering the hyperactivity and mixed environments the sales force are used to.

For this reason, delivering training in variety of methods to accommodate all the different preferred adult learning styles is even more important for sales teams, than with the average training audience.

Challenge 3: Sustainability

New product lines, additional services offerings and new go-to-market strategies are changes that sales teams regularly face.

Therefore designing a training program that can be quickly updated and deployed to all end users is key leading teams in the same direction.

Challenge 4: Technology

Apart from the traditional sales training topics (such as product information, compliance rules, customer qualification, role plays), topics related to technology tools have become a standard due to the high investments that companies make on hardware and software nowadays.

But how to ensure end-user adoption of all the tools and applications the company has invested on? How to build engaging training models?

To learn more about the ITC training methodology for approaching each of these challenges tune into our upcoming webcast titled “Boost Your Sales Force Performance with ITC’s Training Model” on May 27th at 8:00 am PST/ 11:00 am EST. Click here to register.