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Thank You Collaborate 08 !

Thank You Collaborate 08 !

The day arrived for my presentation and I was pleasantly surprised to see a good audience really interested in the topic though it was the last day of Collaborate 08. Here are some of the questions which I answered during the session.
1. Do you need a separate license for the AME Module?
2. How are various document types in Purchasing integrated with AME?
3. How can position hierarchies be used with AME for requisition approvals?

In response to the seperate qustion, I directed the audience to my Collaborate 07 ‘Improving Productivity in Procurement and Expense Reimbursement Processes,’ which you can download this paper from our website.

Finally, sincere thanks to you all who attended my session today. I encourage all Collaborate 08 participants who attended my presentation or have read my white paper to leave a feedback, questions or comments on this blog entry. May be this is just the beginning of our conversation !

Harsha Limaye