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Countdown to Collaborate 08 – Think Global Act Local

Countdown to Collaborate 08 – Think Global Act Local
Henry Ford may have got away with his famous quote about the customer having any color he wants as long as it is black. That was almost 100 years ago. Today’s mantra is personalization. Be it cars, clothes, websites, or yes, even Oracle. You can personalize it to your taste.

It is no wonder then “enterprise applications,” though enterprise wide by nature, have various localizations to cater to individual regions. Localizations are important to adhere to legislative requirements and local customs. Language is also an important aspect of localization. Oracle’s MLS (multi-language support) is an important feature that helps to gain acceptance amongst the user community for whom English is not their first language. MLS is an extension of NLS (National Language Support) and allows the same application instance to be run in more than one language. The base, however, is always American English.

If you are enabling Oracle MLS, set your database character set to UTF-8 as it covers most modern languages.

At Collaborate 08 a number of team members will be talking about how to deal with project management issues during a global implementation. I will be discussing How to Plan a Global HRMS Roll-out and my colleague James Utz will be discussing Implementing Oracle Financials in a Global Environment. If you have an idea you want to share, or there’s something you want me to talk about, post a comment and I will get back to you later.

– Subash Sitaraman