What’s New in UPK’s New Enablement Service Pack?

Oracle has announced Enablement Service Pack Release 2 for UPK 12.1 & Standard & Professional Editions!

The ITC team has compiled all the new additions to be the first ones to break down all the new expert features, usability and performance enhancements for you!

With the release of the new patch, Oracle introduced new features to improve the user experience for content authors, project owners, and end users, in addition to extending support for newly released applications. Here are the highlights of this new release:

Record It! Tool

The biggest game-changer of this release came with the stand-alone Record It! The tool, enabling the usage of the Record It! Mode for Subject Matter Experts to record the procedures remotely without having to purchase a full developer license for that purpose.

With organizations trying to maximize their subject matter experts’ productivity, the light-weight Record it! The mode is the perfect method to conduct a time-efficient content creation process without having the SMEs undergo any sort of training or access the full developer since it can be push installed by administrators or downloaded directly by individual content contributors from the library.

Single Sign-on Developer Login

Productivity gain is one of the areas that organizations look forward on every product release and this time, Oracle has enabled the possibility of UPK authentication to be done in a single sign-on method, linking the user windows authentication to the developer added to the knowledge center SSO from the last release, representing a significant reduction in operation time.

For organizations that want to provide their UPK library as a cloud service, the header based Single Sign-on implementation allows organizations to leverage their existing LDAP (light-weight directory access protocol) database for their content Developers.

Author Contact Information

An additional feature in the ESP facilitates collaboration by enabling authors to specify their contact information strengthening the well-known collaborative environment that UPK provides. This contact information will be displayed at multiple locations on the User Interface where the author information is relevant to the metadata of the content.
Contact information can be entered manually in existing information or be leveraged on the LDAP data in Single Sign-On environments.

Owner and State Stored in Document History

Although users used to be able to add the document state & owner information within the UPK developer library, this information was not displayed in the document properties.

With the new patch, the owner and state will become properties of the document versions. The state and owner changes will be displayed in the document history.

Existing Oracle UPK customers who are current on maintenance can upgrade to the latest version at no charge by downloading at Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

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