UPK: The Perfect Companion for Oracle R12 Upgrades

Upgrading to Oracle R12 can be an intricate process because of the many stages of planning, testing and validations. So when it comes to large scale global corporations, an R12 upgrade spanning several continents is no exception.

In 2012, a security technology and information management multinational began bridging the gap between business and technology by identifying how its heavily customized environment could leverage Oracle R12’s standard capabilities. In many cases, they found that standard, out-of-the-box R12 functionality could be leveraged without customizations. This was the case for Oracle Projects Costing since they required a single source of truth for project-related costs including time cards from Oracle Time and Labor and vendor invoices from Payables. Oracle R12’s standard functionality for this module leverages the necessary interfacing within Oracle’s E-Business Suite to accrue all project-related costs without the need for additional extensions.

So Where Does UPK Come into Play?

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a separate application used to develop training based off of a live Oracle or non-Oracle environment.  It is an essential tool in training and can also be leveraged during the functional and integration testing phases of an implementation or upgrade.  UPK records a user’s actions within an application and transforms those same steps into documentation such as procedures, training guides, or even a test script related document that verifies whether or not a particular process passes a test scenario.  In the case of the company in mention here, training developers are assisting in the functional and integration testing phases by documenting processes as they develop training materials.  Clear documentation as to where the scenarios pass or fail is automatically documented within UPK so that testers know exactly where the breakdown is. This documentation, in turn, speeds up the testing processes and assists the system integrators in smoothing out any kinks.

UPK also provides a visual, interactive training solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime because it is available virtually and in most languages through its Localization feature. The company in mention is currently taking advantage of UPK’s virtual platform to bring all of its global employees up-to-speed on Oracle R12 concurrently with the upgrade.  They have also expanded UPK development to include Hyperion and third party applications.   In this way, when the upgrade effectively reaches the Go Live date, they will have minimal downtime for training its users on their new Oracle environment that interfaces with these third party applications.  In addition, the UPK course material will be readily available for new hires and can be maintained as it continues to widen its technology footprint.

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